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Have a question about our product or services? We're here to help, and if you can't find your question, submit it on our Contact Page and we will be sure to reach out. 

What do you do?
We give C-stores a competitive advantage by helping them serve their customers' needs with promotions and offers, create loyalty, and generate profits.
What POS's do you work with?
 We are certified partners with Gilbarco and Verifone.
Do you work with delivery services like Doordash, Vroom, and Grubhub?
We have a successful partnership with Vroom ordering app right now. Given our platform flexibility and focus on customer success, we are willing to discuss any possible solutions with you to meet your business needs. We can integrate those services within our app by adding a link to the platform you are using.
How does your loyalty program let stores communicate with their members?
Our dynamic communication features include text messaging, email, and smartphone push notifications. You can use the same message on all three or work with your account manager to use these options in more strategic ways.
How much does your program cost?

At Tecmark we pride ourselves on providing you customized loyalty solutions. With our all-digital program and flexible partner and communication options, we are confident that we can create a solution that meets your business goals and stays on budget.

Who is responsible for updating any offers or discounts I am running?

Your dedicated Account Manager will handle this for you. That individual will make any updates to your account, based on the promotions you provide us on a monthly or quarterly basis. This allows you to focus on day-to-day operations at your store(s).

Do you require additional hardware or software?

No additional hardware or software is required with Tecmark's loyalty program.

Will you work with my existing partners?

Yes. Our flexibility and focus on customer success means that we are open to working in any way we can with your existing partners. However, we may also be able to provide insight for partnerships that you might not have thought of yet. 

How will your loyalty program work with my POS and pumps?

Tecmark Loyalty program is NOT software that is loaded inside the client POS system.

Tecmark Loyalty IS its own module located OUTSIDE of the store POS that talks to the POS when an activity triggers communication.

This is similar to having a friend join your conversation and help you remember the details. 

Customer Testimonial 

Thank you (Tecmark) for always being responsive and transparent with me. Even if your team doesn’t have an immediate answer, you let me know that and keep me posted on progress.

Tecmark Client since 2020