As a restaurant you have many goals:

  • Grow your business profitably
  • Retain customers by delivering a great customer experience
  • Innovate with your menu
  • Hire the best people to help deliver the above goals

Simpli is designed to simplify marketing for you, making it easy for you to communicate and connect with your customers whenever you want with one tool, on one database, for one low monthly price. Email and texts allow you to drive traffic in on slow days, feature new menu items and know who your best customers are. There is nothing like being known at your favorite restaurant!  Think of the TV show Cheers – “Where everybody knows your name”

Simpli also protects your bottom line. We make it easy for you to track purchases and promotions to individual members. That means no more promotion or reward fraud with multiple print-outs or punch cards, for example. Plus, Simpli makes it easy for your customers to join at the restaurant, whether it's using a driver's license, online at your website, or by filling out a quick form while they are waiting to be seated.


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