Tecmark has been in the loyalty business since 2000, so we've built the expertise you can rely on to be an effective partner.


Chevron_Pink_small_2.png Account Management

Our Account Managers work closely with you to create promotions and communications, conduct monthly and annual reporting, and set goals for your loyalty program.

Chevron_Pink_small_2.png Strategy & Design

We understand that your business is completely unique. We work to understand your needs in order to create the loyalty program that's best for you. Whether it's a digital punch card, points program, or fuel discount, we offer industry recommendations and best practices to help you design a program that will give you the results you're looking for.

Chevron_Pink_small_2.png Analytics & Reporting

You want to know exactly how your program is driving sales and attracting customers. We'll show you how your members are responding to specific promotions and help you use that data to design future offers that will build on or improve results.