4 Ways to Promote Your Rewards Program

Posted by Trennia Donohue on Wed, Jan 24, 2018 @ 01:59 PM

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If you're investing time and money into developing a rewards program for your c-stores, you need to make sure it's a hit with your customers. How do you gain membership? Making it easy and simple is the key to building a successful rewards program for your c-store members. Here are 4 tips for how to get more out of your rewards program and increase membership and engagement.  

1. In-Store Signage

One of the best ways to reach potential members is by promoting the program to shoppers in your store - that includes the space outside at the pump as well. Just having a sign at your point of sale isn’t enough. Customers should have knowledge of your program before they reach the register. Use window clings, pump toppers, and even chalkboards to help spread the word. In-store signage is an easy way to show your shoppers what value they can get from joining your rewards program. Have a great freebie welcome offer for new members?  Post signs by the item to encourage shoppers to join the program to get the item free. Lastly, customize your reciept to include an invitation to join and start getting benefits.

2 Have a Mobile-Friendly Website and an App

Your business website should include plentiful information about your rewards program (beyond just the structure). This is where you can talk terms and conditions as well as promote the benefits of your rewards program. Additionally, an app will allow you to send targeted promotions and provide valuable information to your customers. Want to make it quick and easy for mobile users to enroll into your rewards program? Offer online and in app enrollment. With smartphone users, it is important to optimize your website for mobile to help drive engagement. You won't have a lot of time to make a great impression, so make sure your messaging is clear, consise, and compelling. 

3 Social Media

Integrate your program with all your social media sites. Include a text and email feature to promote your program and encourage your customers to sign up. Post a link to your online enrollment, or send a text to join your program and get a free gift. Include mentions of your rewards program in all social media channels. Social media is also a great platform to share how current program members are enjoying the program. Got a coffee club? Post pictures of members enjoying the free coffee they've earned from the program. Happy customers go a long way in helping you show the value of the program and getting new members to enroll. 

4 Employees

Employees are integral to your rewards program success. Every single shopper should be personally invited to join your rewards program. Be sure that your employees are educated and understand the value of the program, all the way from enrollments to the rewards. Train all new employees in how the program works so they can answer questions and confidently share the benefits of why someone should join. Store employees are your best evangelists when it comes to talking about the benefits of the program. All employees should be recommending your program to your customers because they believe in the value the program provides. 

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