5 Emails You Should Be Sending Your Loyalty Program Members

Posted by Krista Lessard on Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

Working Hard-5Once your customer has signed up for your loyalty rewards program, it is important to know how to keep them engaged in it in order for them to receive all the benefits it offers. Repeat customers deserve special attention. There are five main types of emails you should send your program members in order to engage them and keep them interested in coming back to your business.

1. Welcome

Every business should go out of their way to welcome new members to the program. This begins the foundation for a great relationship. This email should be written in a conversational tone, from one person to another. It should be inviting, just as if it were in person, portraying the person behind your business. To thank your customer for signing up, you could include an intial offer. It would be a great idea to remind them of what they just signed up for. Reiterate the benefits of the program to reassure them in their decision to join.

2. Birthday/Anniversary

The best kind of email is the one that is cheerfully unexpected. Wish your members a happy birthday or reward them for reaching the anniversary of when they first joined the program. This email can include an offer in order to make it extra delightful. Going that extra mile for your program members will make them feel appreciated.

3. Suprise!

As we stated above, the best kind of email is the one that is cheerfully unexpected. Surprise your rewards members with an offer for no reason. Sometimes, in a loyalty program, there is the discouraging feeling that you will never have enough points to redeem something. Think of an airline where you need so many points to have a free flight but you have used your points for a year and are not even close to 10% of that amount. You are likely to just quit the program. However, if, in the meantime of earning those flight points, you are given smaller surprise offers, you are more likely to stay in that program.

4. Just For You/Exclusivity

Everyone likes to feel special. Make your biggest loyalty program members feel like they are the only one that matters when you send them an exclusive offer email just for them. This can be as simple as letting these top members know about a sale before anyone else or as big as creating an entire sale just for them. Your top members most likely account for a large part of your company's revenue and should be treated as special in order to keep them. 

5. Reminder

Remind your loyalty rewards members of the offers that they can redeem that are soon expiring. This email creates a sense of urgency, boosting sales. In this email, remind your members also of why this deal is so great that they don't want to miss it. This tells your members that you have a great deal, explains why the deal is so great and how it benefits them, and then gives them a sense of urgency to get it before it is gone forever.

If your business isn't sending these five types of emails to their program members, or your company doesn't yet have a loyalty program, we may have a simple solution for you. Simpli is an all-in-one marketing solution with easy enrollment for your customers. You can easily set up all five types of emails described above and keep your customers coming back for more business.

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