5 Simple Tips for C-Stores: Save the Earth and Your Bottom Line

Posted by Laura Miller on Thu, Aug 27, 2015 @ 07:22 AM

recycling-binIn today's world, we all know that being environmentally conscious is a pretty big deal to just about everyone, especially to the millennials that frequent your location. But can it be done without sacrificing the ability to make a profit? We certainly think so. Here are five tips that will assist you in staying conscious of our green earth, as well as the green in your wallet.

Cut down on paper by going electronic.
Most people end up losing or throwing away their receipts which makes printing receipts for every customer a pointless waste. Offering to text or email receipts will make things more convenient for your customers, keep you from spending excess money on paper, and will reduce the amount of paper you waste. There are often a lot of other ways that convenience stores use unnecessary paper - so keep an eye out and go electronic whenever possible.

Offer reusable alternatives.
Keeping cloth bags to be sold at the register, and offering reusable coffee mugs are just two ways to cut down on waste, and it carries the added bonus of adding a couple dollars to your end sale. Add your logo to the side and you will have some free marketing as well.

Incentivize in your loyalty program.
Follow up the last tip by giving your customers a few extra points in their loyalty membership for using their reusable mug or bag rather than using the disposable option. This will satisfy you and your customer’s desires to be environmentally conscious, as well as encourage the sale of your product.

Offer biodegradable and recyclable disposables.
Using biodegradable plastic and paper cups and utensils might cost you a few extra bucks at first, but your customers will love it. Millennials especially often desire to help the environment but have difficulty finding ways to do it in everyday life. If they can find a place that cares as much as they do about the environment, it will ultimately drive your amount of returning customers.

Offer organic.
Whether it’s tea, coffee, or snack and lunch options, make sure your convenience store carries some organic options. This adds value in the eyes of your customers by offering a healthier and tastier choice while staying conscious of the chemicals and pesticides that conventional food options allow into the earth. Although the cost is higher, the profit is higher as well.

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