5 Ways to Use Twitter for C-Stores

Posted by Krista Lessard on Thu, Dec 04, 2014 @ 07:36 AM

As a C-Store, it can be difficult to determine a marketing strategy that's right for your company. Owners are constantly looking for a C-Store marketing solution that works for them.Some owners might consider C-Store loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are consistently becoming more popular in the convenience store industry. Aside from loyalty marketing, social media is an avenue that can be extremely efficient in promoting your business. This blog post will serve as a guide on five ways you can use Twitter for C-Stores.

1. Share announcements of important store news. BP announced their new partnership in a recent tweet. This is a great example because they tagged their new partner, extending the post reach and publicity to all of their partner's followers as well.


2. Share information about your current promotions and events. How is your customer supposed to know you are offering free coffee if you don't tell them? Holiday recently promoted their free coffee promo on their Twitter feed. They even included their own hashtag to start a trend on Twitter.


3. Give some history of your company. This is where your company gains a personality. Shell talked about a present day as a milestone in their past. This reminds followers of how long the company has been around, giving viewers a sense of trust in the company.


4. Retweet posts related to your brand or product. Kum & Go retweets their followers as they mention their products and brand in a positive way. This shows your followers how much positive feedback there is about your company. You can also reply to people that are talking about your company. People are already talking about your C-Store, you might as well be a part of the conversation!


5. Give away free stuff. Who doesn't love free stuff? Nittany MinitMart gave away a free $50 gift card to one of their followers recently. Free items or prizes really increase user engagement and will also increase your followers.


As a convenience store, your marketing strategy should include social media. Twitter is a real-time way for your customers to know what is going on at your store. They can view last minute promotions or simply be reminded to stop back in. Social media keeps your business on the mind of as many consumers as you can get to follow you.

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