Account Management - Your Key To A Successful Loyalty Program

Posted by Brent Harms on Tue, Jan 15, 2019 @ 09:30 AM




You've made the big decision to start a loyalty program.  Your team is excited, customers are joining and the numbers look great.  How do you keep the energy and continue to generate returns for your business?  You have 10 million other things to do from hiring, merchandising, ordering inventory, and making sure your systems are always working - you don't have time for marketing.  That is why having an Account Manager for your loyalty program is key to success.  Each of our clients has an account manager who is responsible for helping them get the most out of their loyalty program.  


What do great Account Managers do?

  • Know your business and your goals
  • Work to connect your customers to you through communications
  • Execute customer communications via email, text and push notifications
  • Brainstorm with you for new and creative promotions
  • Track and discuss results
  • Answer any questions and solve any issues
  • Keep your loyalty program producing results for your business!

Account Management is one of several things that make Tecmark stand out from the competition.  We want all of our customers to succeed.  We work hard to help you deliver compelling promotions that your customers will appreciate.  

Are you waiting to start a loyalty program because you don't have internal resources?  That is why Tecmark wants to be your marketing partner. 

Watch for our next blog where I will share how we can go from no loyalty program to a complete solution in 30 days!



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