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Account Management - Your Key To A Successful Loyalty Program

May Your Rewards Be Merry & Bright

Reward Program Trends - What We Heard at NACS Show 2018

Come Check Out Our Mobile Loyalty App @ NACS

Tecmark Will Be At NACS!

The One Factor That Will Make or Break Your Rewards Program

Seven Keys to Successfully Promoting to Your Customers to Increase Sales

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Easy: The Building Block of a Successful Loyalty Program

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3 Promotional Tips to Drive In-Store Sales

Setting Goals for Your Loyalty Program

Seven Keys to a Successful Convenience Store Rewards Program

Combining Loyalty with Industry Trends

See Tecmark at the PACE show this month!

5 Ways to Improve Your Rewards Program

4 Ways to Promote Your Rewards Program

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Looking Ahead to 2018 for the Convenience Store Industry

Targeting Millennials and Gen Z via Texting, Social Media and Mobile

Tecmark will be at TribalNet

Why Reward Programs and Mobile Work Well Together

Why Your C-Store Needs A Mobile App

Tecmark’s New Innovative Mobile Solution

4 Reasons Your C-Store Needs A Rewards Program

Use Surprise and Delight to Increase Loyalty

C-Store Loyalty Programs & Millennials

The Benefits of a C-Store Loyalty Program

Advantages of an Omnichannel Approach to C-Store Loyalty

Increase Traffic & Sales in Your C-Store

The 5 things you need to know when starting a Loyalty Program for your C Store

Loyalty Programs Increase Your C-Store Sales

Loyalty 101: Build Loyalty & Retain Customers with Text Messaging

Loyalty Rewards 101: Four Main Types of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Rewards 101: All Digital Drives Engagement

Loyalty Rewards 101: Building Customer Relationships

Loyalty Rewards 101: Benefits to your C-Store

What Customers Want in a C-Store Loyalty Program

Celebrating the 4th of July 2017

Making Loyalty FUN!

Millennials, Loyalty & C-Stores, A Love Story

Tecmark- Advantages of an All Digital Loyalty Program

Millennial's Eating Habits

Loyalty Programs - Make It Personal, Increase Traffic & Profits in Your C-Store

Social Media and Texting: Targeting Millennials and GenZ

Millennials and The Digital Age of Loyalty Programs

C-Store Loyalty Programs Help Drive In-Store Traffic!

Gilbarco Retail Technology Conference Recap

Verifone Client Forum 2017 Recap by Brent Harms Tecmark Founder & CEO

Tecmark Loyalty will be at the Verifone Client Forum April 30th-May3rd

Tecmark Loyalty at the M-PACT Show in Indianapolis!

Tecmark Loyalty will be at the M-PACT Show in Indianapolis on Tuesday!

Tecmark Loyalty will be at the M-PACT Show next week in Indianapolis!!

Tecmark will be at the M-PACT Show next week in Indianapolis!

Tecmark will be at the M-PACT Show April 18th-20th in Indianapolis!

Tecmark will be at the M-PACT Show April 18th-20th!

Live @ UMCS Stop on by Booth #303

Stop by Tecmark's booth #303 at the UMCS & Energy Convention March 28th& 29th!

Tecmark will be at the UMCS & Energy Convention March 27th-29th

Tecmark will be at the UMCS & Energy Convention March 27th-29th in Saint Paul

SE Petro Show

Tecmark will be at the SE Petro Show in Myrtle Beach, SC March 8th & 9th

A Loyalty Program Will Increase Your C-Store Profits

The Advantages of an All Digital Loyalty Program for your C Store

Loyalty Trends for 2017

Happy Holidays from Tecmark Loyalty!

Tecmark is now a TribalNet Member

Starting a Loyalty Program for your C Store

Ways to Increase Traffic in Your C-Store

Halloween, Scare Up Convenience Store Sales

Build Loyalty & Retain Customers Via Text Messaging

Millennials are bringing new ideas to management

Three ways to boost customer retention

How To Get Customers To Keep Coming Back To Your Business

Four Mobile Strategies That Effectively Win Over Customers

4th of July 2016 – Celebrating the Opportunities We Have in the United States!

5 Powerful Rewards Program Hacks for Convenience Stores

Are you using Millennials to your advantage?

Verifone and Gilbarco 2016 Conference Update

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Top 5 Best Selling Convenience Store Items

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The 4 Kinds of Convenience Store Shoppers

NACS 2015: Industry Update, Loyalty, and More!

7 C-Store Merchandising Best Practices from Pump to Register

Gas Station Cleanliness: Go the Extra Mile at the Pump

How Much Does a C-Store Loyalty Program Cost?

Meet Rick Boubelik-Loyalty Strategy & Business Development

Business Owners: Connect and Learn with EO

5 Strategies to Start Reaching Millennials

Convenience Stores: 3 Tips to Optimize Growth in Foodservice Sales

5 Simple Tips for C-Stores: Save the Earth and Your Bottom Line

Tecmark Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

Capturing the Coffee Craze: 5 Ways for C-Stores to Take Advantage of Rising Coffee Trends

Meet Our Director of Client Services: Amy Pals

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7 Things Millennials Like To See In Convenience Stores

Why an ROI Can Help You Run a More Effective Loyalty Program

Meet Lorrie Murphy-Finance & Administration:

Convenience Store Food Service: How to Choose the Right Packaging

EMV: In-Store Implementation Guide for Passport

Loyalty Marketing: Should You Have a Mobile App?

Meet Our Sales Leader: Troy Leland

Why Your Loyalty Program Shouldn't Just Offer Discounts

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A Farewell to Our VP of Marketing and Sales

Revisiting Coalition Programs with the launch of PLENTI

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The Location-Based Guide to C-Store Competition

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What's on your C-Store Shopper's Mind? Weight Management.

What I learned from Gray Taylor, Conexxus, at WPMA

Growth and Opportunity: Tecmark Moves to Minneapolis

5 Reasons We Are Excited for WPMA

Customer Acquisition through Social Media Referrals

How to Convert Women into Customers for your C-Store

Are Customers Loyal to Your Brand or Just Your Loyalty Program?

Tecmark Volunteers for Feed My Starving Children

Holiday Shopping & Loyalty Programs: Connections & Opportunities

Tecmark Volunteers for Walk to End Hunger

Convenience Stores: A Last Minute Holiday Guide

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Why it Pays to be a Loyalty Member on Black Friday

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Why You Must Include Visual Content in Your Loyalty Marketing Strategy

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The Ultimate C-Store Guide to Loyalty

The New iPhone and other Mobile Devices' Impact on Loyalty

Muscle, Flab and Steroids: Loyalty Marketing Lessons from Colloquy

Why Millennials Should Be Targeted With SMS Marketing

Why is the State Fair Like Your Business?

Habitat for Humanity and Loyalty

The Four Main Types of Loyalty Marketing Programs

Keys to Designing a Successful Loyalty Marketing Program

How to Keep Customers From Opting Out of your Loyalty Program

5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is a Must-Have for Your Business

Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention

Millennials and Brand Loyalty

Mobile Apps Capture More Digital Time than PCs

Have you seen the new Loyalty Report?

New C-Store Loyalty Results from NACs (plus subject line tips)!

Are the emails you send your customers safe from prying eyes?

Top 5 reasons why a loyalty program will grow your business

My Trip to Greece – It’s About Entrepreneurship!

13 Simple Ways to Grow Your Customer Contact List

What are the secrets of a successful loyalty program?

Trade shows: Don't call it quits at exhibition hall close

Daily Deals vs Loyalty Programs - What Influences Consumers?

10 Tips to Help Your C-Store Compete!

Why should you want to connect with Millennials?

Simpli merchants can enjoy Tecmark's latest free feature: iPad app

Restaurants and retailers see mobile marketing as key for growth

Too Cold for Loyalty? Not with Email/Text Marketing

Reach your best customers anytime

Prepare for the next big holiday – Valentine’s Day

4 Tips to Survive the Holidays for Retail and Restaurant Operators!

Black Friday and Loyalty - What's Working, What's Not?

Loyalty Program Stats - Consumer Sentiment

2 Reasons why NOW is the best time to have a Loyalty Program

Erika’s Lessons in Loyalty Marketing {A Farewell Blog}

NACS Show 2013 Update

Back From NACS with More Thoughts on Loyalty

C-Store Loyalty Program Advice (that applies beyond the c-store space)

4 Tips to Enroll More Customers in Your Loyalty Program

C-Store Loyalty Statistics

Innovation at the NACS Show

Fresh Perks Rewards Program Review

Brent's Thoughts on Birthday Promotions & Loyalty Programs

Rewards Program Evolution - Best Buy

My Loyalty to Super America

Are C-Store Rewards Programs Worth It?

Will Cartwheel by Target Increase Customer Loyalty?

Text Marketing - Timing is not quite everything - Part 3 and Final

Connect with Your Customers on Instagram

Facebook Posts - Timing is Everything Part 2

Email Marketing - Timing is Everything

Why Tecmark is Loyal to Minnesota

Don't Panic! Gmail tabs are your email marketing friend

The Top 5 Loyalty Program Fails (and how to fix them!)

Levels of Loyalty Program Competition

Habitat for Humanity – Entrepreneurs House 2013

Ways to Evolve your Loyalty Program

How to Deal with Customer Complaints about your Rewards Program

Crossover or Coalition Rewards Programs

3 Benefits of DIY Loyalty Programs

Why Is Tracking Customer Activity Key to Success in Building Loyalty?

3 Tips for Emotionally Connecting with Customers

QR Codes and Loyalty

Daily Marketing Specials

5 Interesting Customer Loyalty Statistics

Colloquy Reports Loyalty Memberships Have Increased

Rewarding your Loyal Customers

4 Ways Which Wich Won My Sandwich Loyalty

How to Overcome Marketing Noise

Behind the Closed Doors of Email Marketing

6 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

C-Store Loyalty Programs – Power of the Gas Discount

Stumped on what to send? 5 Email Marketing Ideas

How C-Store Loyalty Programs Can Help Bring Customers Into the Store

Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Program

How Madewell Captured My Attention with Direct Mail

Marketing Strategies Based on “Ideal” Customer - Part 2

Thoughts from The Tech EVENT in Dallas

Marketing Strategies Based on “Ideal” Customer

Do Customers Care About Loyalty Programs?

Customer Value - Finding the "Ideal" Customer

Gathering Customer Information with a Loyalty Program

4 Ways to Promote Your Loyalty Program

Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

Staying Fresh in Any Industry from C-Store to Loyalty

Post Show Thoughts on Loyalty in the C-Store Space

Another Take on Groupon and Customer Loyalty

C-Store Loyalty Presentation at the MPM Show

7 Advantages of SMS Text Marketing

Tecmark Talks C-Store Loyalty at MPMA Next Week

Uncle Maddio's - Restaurant Marketing and Loyalty Done Right

Drive Customers to your C-Store with Marketing

Build a Strong Business Foundation, Then Loyalty Marketing Works!

Groupon and Daily Deals - is this loyalty marketing?

Connecting with Customers in the Retail World

Loyalty Programs with PIN

Trends in Loyalty Marketing

The Importance of Communicating With Your Customers

Adventures in Loyalty Marketing-Defining Loyalty Marketing & Rewards Programs

Dunkin' Donuts Customer Loyalty Success Story

Marketing Your Business for Growth in 2013

Habitat for Humanity and Loyalty

Ten Tips for Customer Rewards Program Success

Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Customer Rewards Program Part 5

Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Customer Rewards Program Part 4

Tecmark On the Road

Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Customer Rewards Program Part 3

Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Customer Rewards Program Part 2

Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Customer Rewards Program

3 Simple Types of Customer Rewards Programs

5 Ways to Connect and Communicate With Your Customers in 2013

4 Reasons to Automate Your Punch Card Program in 2013

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