Loyalty Rewards 101: All Digital Drives Engagement

Posted by Mike Anderson on Tue, Aug 01, 2017 @ 11:59 AM

Our blog series: Loyalty Rewards 101, is all about exploring the latest research on loyalty rewards programs, and helping you understand exactly how a Tecmark Loyalty Rewards Program can benefit your C-stores! This week our theme is All Digital Reward Programs, keeping up with the latest technology and customer's expectations drive more engagement in your loyalty rewards program. 


The majority of customers walking into your C-Store have a smart phone in their hand, purse or pocket. Imagine your loyalty program being able to access these customers outside the walls of your store. A plastic card that is often lost or forgotten can't compare to Tecmark's All Digital Rewards Program. An All Digital Rewards Program from Tecmark will help connect you to your customers, and drive more traffic into your store.


Thinking of starting a loyalty program?

An all digital program allows you connect directly with your customers and personalize the messaging based on their buying patterns and spending habits. Having an all digital loyalty program allows customers to turn their mobile phone into a digital loyalty card. The high cost of having to produce cards (paper punch or plastic) cards as well as the possibility of fraud is deterrent for many to C-Store owners. With Tecmark's easy to use All Digital Program your customers will no longer have to fill out a paper or online enrollment forms, or carry around those cumbersome paper or plastic loyalty cards. Using an all digital program allows you to use a customer's mobile number to serve as their digital wallet as well as their loyalty member number.


Text to Enroll: Drive to Store, Retain and Reward Your Customers

You will drive more traffic to your C-Store by sending personalized and targeted text messages such as birthday and welcome offers along with push notifications for instant savings directly to a member's phone. Custom rewards are a great way to keep customers coming back to your store. According to VentureBear, the open rate of text promotions and offers is more than 90%! Texts are read within minutes, making it a great way to spark an immediate interest in sales and same-day promotions.

Customers who choose to communicate via text are very particular when it comes to the loyalty programs they are interested in. If they do participate, rest assured they are very interested in what your business offers. Plus, tech savvy customers are much more engaged than the average customer and can end up being a brand or product cheerleader for your business. Reward them for their efforts! 

Customers will not come back if a business doesn’t act like they want them back. They will need a reason to make a second appearance.  A successful business must offer a quality product for sure, but even a great product isn’t quite enough in this day and age. No matter how big a company or how loyal its consumers are, business owners and managers are constantly working to nurture those customer relationships in order to have continued growth. An effective loyalty program can boost your business by enhancing that relationship with your customer. 


Use Social Media

Having a Facebook page and a Twitter account is another great way to create conversations and get feedback. Engagement gives you the opportunity to learn more about your customers and promote and grow brand awareness. Listening to your customers allows you to make the necessary advancements in what you offer to keep them coming back.

According to Forbes, providing rewards around engagement encourages users to come back, benefiting a business far beyond that first purchase while also benefiting the customers with a tangible reward. This tactic creates the much sought-after customer loyalty, providing a long-term financial benefit to the business by creating customers who keep coming back. Happy customers who are surprised and delighted by your offers will come back to your store generating more revenue and increasing profits, making you a happy business owner. It’s a win-win for all! 

Advantages to All Digital:

  • A typical smartphone user looks at their phone approximately 85 times per day. If your company is connected to their phone, you have more possibility of driving the customer into your store. (Daily Mail)
  • In the survey of 1,027 smartphone users, 77% said mobile offers, such as surprise points or rewards, exclusive content and special birthday messaging, have a positive or very positive impact on their brand loyalty. (retailwire)

Instead of pulling out a card, wondering how many points are on it, a customer could pull out their phone, easily use our Text to Enroll feature to enroll into your program, get specialized offers that target their shopping patterns, and see store promotions and events. So, drive up in store sales today by contacting Tecmark and scheduling a demo to get on on track to creating a personalized All Digital Loyalty Rewards Program.


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