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Posted by Cathy Harms on Fri, Dec 07, 2012 @ 10:35 AM

Welcome to our new blog!  We are passionate about retail, restaurant and c-stores and how they get to know their customers.  This blog will look at the tried and true plus the most innovative marketing solutions available.  Our hope is that you will participate and share your thoughts, ideas and experience as a consumer or as a marketing expert.

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Who are we?  Your bloggers will primarily be employees at Tecmark.  Tecmark has been around for over 12 years and we have implemented and managed a variety of loyalty programs.  We help businesses large and small deliver the best customer experience and really get to know their customers.  Our technology is the marketing solution that delivers a flexible, comprehensive and secure loyalty or rewards programs.  Our favorite challenge is taking on new and innovative concepts and making them a reality. 

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We promise not to talk about ourselves too much – but since this is our first blog – I just want to make sure you know we are not spelling simpli wrong in our blog name.   Simpli® is our newest product and we are excited about it!  Simpli can start as a communication/promotion tool that businesses can use to send email and texts to their customers.  If you want complete purchase tracking and the ability to give rewards, you can upgrade to SimpliReward®.  One database, one website to deliver all your email, text and rewards.  Check out our video to learn more about Simpli.

Check back at least once a week to see what we find to share.

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