4 Reasons to Automate Your Punch Card Program in 2013

Posted by Erika Stevens on Mon, Dec 31, 2012 @ 12:37 PM

Even in the digital age we live in, physical punch card programs are a commonly used way to reward customers.  The basic idea of buy x number of coffees and get one free or visit 7 times and get a free gift is popular because it works. Punch Card Program

Consumers love to get free items from their favorite businesses. With new technologies and tools, automation of your punch card program is easy.  Here are 4 reasons why 2013 should be the year you automate your punch card program: 

  1. Know Your Customer -   The customers that are using your punch cards are your loyalty customers.  Don’t you want to know who they are?  Anyone who takes a punch card, carries it around all the time and brings it in when they visit for punches is a customer worth knowing.
  2. Track Purchases - Automating your punch card program gives you the ability to track which customers are purchasing a lot, not purchasing a lot, who is using their rewards and who is just letting rewards go to waste.  This data gives you the ability to communicate to these customers since you know who they are. 
  3. Reduce Fraud - Unless you have a unique hole punch it isn’t hard for someone to fake a full punch card to receive their reward.  By automating your punch card program you make it harder to game the system which helps you eliminate rewards program fraud. 
  4. Improve Customer Experience-   It’s easier for your customers and it’s easier for you.  Using a phone number or driver’s license for customer identification enables you to quickly access an account without your customer having to carry an extra punch card.  

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