5 Ways to Connect and Communicate With Your Customers in 2013

Posted by Erika Stevens on Fri, Jan 04, 2013 @ 10:31 AM

Connect with Customers


You may be great at connecting with your customers while they are in your store but what about after they leave? Connecting with your customers will help you grow your business and stay top of mind after they leave.

1. Start Collecting Info NOW
If you aren’t already collecting your customer’s contact information you should start. Gathering information is as easy as a notebook on the checkout counter, a fishbowl for business cards, custom paper form or a signup form on your webpage. There is an endless amount of ways to collect the information so do what works for your business, but start now. Any customer who gives you their information is telling you “ I like you enough that I want to hear from you”.

2. Email
Connecting with your customers via email is as easy as a quarterly newsletter or a monthly offer. Are you worried about the content – just keep it simple and share what you know. With email being as popular as it is and knowing how many people delete emails without even looking at them, it is important to pay attention to what you are emailing. Make the newsletter relevant or the offer interesting and send to a select audience. Take your time to think about what you are emailing. The real test – would you want to receive this email from a different business that you connected with?

3. Text
Have you thought about texting to communicate and connect with your customers? Think about how much you use your phone and how many people you see on their phones throughout the day. Text messaging is powerful and can drive traffic, but is not for everyone. This is why it is important that you have your customers opt-in to receive texts if that is their preferred way to connect with your business. Sending relevant promotions to your customers via text message will place you top of mind if they are going to a business like yours in the near term.

4. Social Media
Social media is here to stay. It is important that your business be present on social media sites that make sense and connect with your customers by posting information. Word of mouth is powerful and nothing is easier than your customer’s friends seeing them like your company on Facebook or your customers sharing an offer you’ve sent them on Twitter.

5. Rewards
Once you are communicating with customers it may make sense for you to start a rewards program. Rewards programs allow you to connect with customers without doing anything. Each time they earn a reward, that is a connection that provides customer joy. Everyone loves to be appreciated and loves to get things for a great deal or free. Set up your rewards program to entice your members to participate because of the quality of the reward.

It is 2013 and time to connect. In every aspect of our life, the ability and the power of connecting with people is worth far more than just having someone make a purchase. The customer sees value and appreciates the special treatment and the business wins with a wealth of information to make all marketing strategies more effective. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself and start connecting with your customers!

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