Uncle Maddio's - Restaurant Marketing and Loyalty Done Right

Posted by Erika Stevens on Fri, Mar 29, 2013 @ 03:29 PM

Lately I have been really impressed with the amount of articles highlighting small businesses and the ways they are marketing to their customers.  On Wednesday I wrote a blog post about Buccaneer Food Store, a single location c-store with a great marketing strategy.  While their loyalty program is a core part of their marketing strategy, they go beyond that to focus on partnering with their community, email promotions and surveys.  The success story of Buccaneer Food Store is a great reminder that a business doesn’t need to be big or have a large marketing budget to effectively market to their customers.    

Another small business creating buzz with their marketing is a pizza chain called Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint highlighted in an article from Nation’s Restaurant News.  Uncle Maddio’s is a pizza chain found in the Southeast that makes “fast, fresh and affordable” pizzas according to their website.  The pizzas are made to order in 6 minutes after you choose your dough, sauce and toppings.  While there is nothing like a slice of 45 minute deep dish pizza, the convenience of a completely customizable 6 minute pizza just fits better with most of our lives.   These kinds of quick serve pizza places have been gaining popularity in a faster than ever paced society so what sets Uncle Maddio's apart from their competition?

Uncle Maddio's has a unique way to draw customers to opening day at their new locations.  Every time a new location opens they either offer free pizza during a designated time or the first 100 customers get a free pizza every week for a year.  Seriously.  The first 100 customers actually get 52 free pizzas.  These kinds of opening day events create buzz for Uncle Maddio’s, draw new customers into the new location and definitley keep customers coming back.

Beyond attracting new customers on opening day, Uncle Maddio’s is focused on marketing and retaining customers in a variety of ways.  They offer a simple loyalty program called Loyalty Love that gives members points that can be redeemed for rewards.  Each visit is worth 10 points and at 100 points you get a free entrée.  You can easily enroll in the store or online and track your purchases.  This keeps their customers coming back for lunches and dinners and bringing their friends. 

The other important part of their marketing strategy is social media.  They encourage their happy customers and loyalty program members to share their love for Uncle Maddio’s with their friends by offering extra points for using their Facebook app.  The Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Fan Club facebook page has 6,794 likes and is full of pictures of customized pizzas, a variety of promotions, conversations with fans, information about their pizzas and of course information about the grand openings of new locations. 

It's obvious that Uncle Maddio's is focused on the quality of their product as well as marketing and connecting with their customers.  Great ideas for marketing your business to new customers and retaining those customers are out there and don’t have to break the bank.  Uncle Maddio’s is a great example of a small business focused on simple marketing strategies that really reward their customers.  

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