Another Take on Groupon and Customer Loyalty

Posted by Clifton Beyer on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 01:50 PM

I heard the other day that the Groupons of the world are not popular anymore, but in my opinion they are still alive and well for those of us that love a good deal. Knowing myself, and that I will eat out several times a month, I quickly peruse the daily deals for restaurants that I tend to frequent or have had my hungry eye on. Cathy and I are both big daily deal junkies and frequently swap stories about a good deal. You can read more about her feeling on Groupon and loyalty marketing HERE. We both have restaurants we will spend money at either way whether it is a special night, or just dinner out with friends. The more we save, the more we have for more great deals and other interests. Great deals for the customer, but does it create a loyal customer to your business or just a one-time visitor?

Recently Groupon began utilizing their mobile app which allows users the option to show the coupon directly from phone instead of printing it off. I even get daily deals sent to my mobile for places nearby that I can easily purchase and present while on the go instead of waiting until a printer is available. This convenience gives even more incentive for me to use their program and allows them to target more promotions to me based on my location.

Customer Loyalty

Location based marketing is also great for traveling. Typically before a trip, I will sign up for deals from the area I’ll be traveling too. This is another great way for me to save money while on vacation and see some great sites! A recent trip to Chicago I was able to see the Shedd Aquarium, obtain a cheap 3-day metro pass, and get a 2 for 1 deal at a great restaurant downtown Chicago.

Alongside with local area restaurants and businesses, Chicago is a great city that I love to frequent. Between both, one thing that using these Groupons lack for the business is important information gathering about the customer. The Groupon of the day gets me into the store once, but unless there is great incentive for me to come back, next week I’ll be having my meal at the next deal of the day. Once the customer is in the door, gathering an email from me and sending me a promotion or information about the next event would probably bring me back and may even make me a loyal customer in the future.     

For my interests and lifestyle, these deals really work well. I am able to see new sites and try out new restaurants more frequently then I would be able to otherwise – and I love it. Next week I’ll begin kickboxing at a new studio in my neighborhood – Thanks daily deals! Will they succeed in making me a loyal customer? We shall see…

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