4 Ways to Promote Your Loyalty Program

Posted by Erika Stevens on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 12:23 PM

It isn’t enough to create a loyalty program - you need to promote your loyalty program.  Set it and forget it can be lethal to your loyalty program and can also end up frustrating your customers that you are trying to reward.  If you take the initiative to develop a loyalty program you should be integrating it into every facet of your business.

Loyalty Program Promotion 

1 – In-store signage

If you have a store front for customers you should be promoting to them while they are in your store.  Just having a sign at your point of sale isn’t enough.  Customers should have knowledge of your program before they get to the point of sale.  There are many ways you can communicate your loyalty program depending on the type of store.  For example, on the menu in a restaurant, with a sign or screen above your ATM in a c-store or on your hangers at a dry cleaner. 

2 – Website

Your business website should include information about your loyalty program beyond just the structure.  This is where you can talk terms and conditions as well as promote the benefits of your loyalty program.  Depending on the structure of your loyalty program you can even offer online enrollment.  With so many smartphone users looking at websites on their phones it is important be sure that your website is mobile-friendly so they can access the information. 

3 – Social Media

You can integrate with Facebook to include a sign up page for your loyalty program, but you would likely have to pay a web developer to do so.  It costs no extra money to send out a Facebook post that links to your online enrollment or set up a tip on Foursquare to join your program and get a free gift.  It is important to be sure that your loyalty program is mentioned on whatever social media channels your business is using.

4 – Employees

Educated employees are integral to your loyalty program success.  Be sure that your employees understand the ins and outs of your program from enrollments to the rewards.  Train all new employees about the loyalty program structure as well as the importance of the loyalty program to your business.  Essentially your employees should be recommending your program to your customers because they think it is a great way to be rewarded. 

I hope that these tips give you some ideas to promote your new or existing loyalty program and help drive your loyalty program success.  For more loyalty information, download our whitepaper:

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