Marketing Strategies Based on “Ideal” Customer - Part 2

Posted by Cathy Harms on Tue, May 21, 2013 @ 03:08 PM

This is the 4th and final post that discusses knowing your customers so you can deepen relationships and grow your business.  This post will focus on specific marketing strategies that are effective for a target audience between the ages of 18 – 30.

Customer Marketing Strategy

How timely for this blog – just yesterday Yahoo acquired Tumblr.  The primary reason is because the majority of Tumblr users are 18 – 30 year olds.  Yahoo has not been successful at targeting that group and they hope this acquisition will help make Yahoo “cool”. 

The most important part about marketing to the younger generation is realizing that it changes quickly and something that is popular right now, may not be popular in just a few months.  The rate of change in marketing technology is fast and the younger generation are early adopters of new technology.  Beyond being early adopters, this generation is a social one and they are completely influenced by their friends.   The INFLUENCE of FRIENDS is key when marketing to this group.  Each of the tactics outlined below are successful because friends are participating and sharing information about great stores, restaurants and other businesses. 

As you know I am a Baby Boomer – so my perspectives are the result of feedback from my daughters, younger co-workers and statistics.

Stats from Techsurvey9 from Jacobs Media – Survey done Jan – Feb 2013

  • People under 25 prefer SMS to email
  • Gen Z (born after 1993) prefer Tumblr and Snapchat and are less drawn to Facebook

                13.5% use Snapchat

                17.5% use Tumblr – 5 times more than the US average

                22.9% use Pinterest

                30.8% use Instagram

                35.4% use Google+

                38% use Twitter

                73% use Facebook

  • Gen Y (born between 1974 – 1992)

                42.8% use Twitter – even more than Gen Z

33% use Pinterest           

29.3% use Instagram

                8.3% use Foursquare

               Spend an average of 3.8 hours per day on a social network

Does this mean that you need to participate in all these different social networks?

That depends on your business and your target.  If your “ideal” customer is in the Gen Y or Gen Z age group, you should participate in the social networks that they pay attention to.  Mailing coupons or putting ads in the newspaper is not going to bring this group into your business. 

The most important aspect is a high quality website with all the information that any of your “ideal” customers may want to know.  Then you can start thinking about social.  All of the social options link back to the website – so it is important to have that completed.

Retaining Existing Customers

Text messaging is a great way to target your marketing effort to customers who have signed up to receive your offers.  Although email marketing is very popular for older generations, text marketing is the most effective for 18 – 30 year olds. 

                95% receive text messages on their phone

                98% look at texts within 15 minutes of receiving them

Enable Sharing

Facebook – as mentioned above over 73% of the younger generation are on Facebook.  The challenge is that there is so much “noise” that your Facebook updates are often not seen.  Over 84% of Facebook posts are never read by anyone.  But when Gen Y and Gen Z want to learn about your business, they will look to Facebook and pay attention to the posts from your customers.  If you decide to use Facebook, make sure you are responsive and keep updating it regularly.

Twitter – is primarily used to share what is happening right now.  Businesses can use it to promote an event or start conversations with customers.  The news you are sharing needs to be timely, informative and interesting to get people to follow and respond to your tweets. 

Pinterest – is used more by females than men.  So if young females are your target and you have a business that is visual, it is a great place to gain awareness.  Once one person pins your product or menu item, everyone who is following them sees the picture that can link back to your site.

Instagram, Snapchat and Vine are primarily used to share pictures and videos among friends.  It is hard for me to imagine how businesses get into that arena, but I am sure it is happening by the most creative.

Social networks can provide your business with great exposure, but it takes a lot of time and active participation by the business to grow your base.  The key is to have helpful information to share.  Customers want to hear about the newest products, the best offers and other fun stories about your business.  That is why these are called social networks instead of marketing networks.  They enable two-way conversation in all social aspects and your business needs to respond and participate in that conversation if you want to target the younger generation.

Simpli provides a great tool to communicate to any generation by giving you email marketing, text marketing and social sharing all in one place.

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