How Madewell Captured My Attention with Direct Mail

Posted by Erika Stevens on Thu, May 23, 2013 @ 12:56 PM

Over the past few weeks Cathy has been blogging about identifying and marketing to your “ideal” customer.  While I am a member of the younger generation that usually prefers connection via social media and text marketing, this week I received a direct mail coupon that caught my attention.  I liked this coupon so much that I decided to focus this week’s blog on the dying art of direct mail marketing.

A few months ago I wandered into the new Madewell store at the mall while I was shopping.  Madewell is a women’s clothing store that is a subsidiary of J.Crew.  I bought a couple of items at the store and then left.  I hadn’t really given shopping at Madewell a second thought until I received a postcard in the mail from them this week.  I have received emails from Madewell over the past few months, but none captured my attention the way this pink postcard did.

Madewell Direct Mail Front

So is direct mail still an effective form of marketing?  That is really a business by business question and truthfully most of the statistics will show that direct mail is too costly and doesn’t offer enough ROI.  In a recent study by the Platt Retail Institute, of 11 marketing channels Direct Mail was ranked 10th for ROI.  But direct mail or not, there are four things that Madewell did particularly well with this marketing strategy:

1 – In a world full of marketing noise it stood out and made me feel special.  The sentiment was one of familiarity that struck a chord with me.   

2 – It reminded me to shop with them.  The postcard was timed perfectly, three months after my last purchase.  Long enough that I wasn’t bothered to hear from them again, but short enough that it reminded me of the bag I didn’t buy when I was in the store.

3 – It offered a strong enough incentive to go back.  If you are going to take the time to send a coupon be sure that the offer is worthwhile for your customers. 

4 – The campaign was executed perfectly to market to their “ideal” customer.  The postcard and envelope are pink, the text is cute and the message is personal “we’d love to see you”.

Madewell Direct Mail Back

Regardless of what kind of marketing strategies you are using whether it be direct mail, email marketing, text marketing etc., the importance of knowing who you are marketing to is the key to success.  If you are looking for tips on how to identify your “ideal” customer check out Cathy’s blog posts.

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