Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Program

Posted by Erika Stevens on Wed, May 29, 2013 @ 12:55 PM

As a loyalty marketing professional I can be picky about the rewards program that I participate in.  One program that I have been using a lot lately and really love is the Walgreen’s Balance Rewards program.  It has been a long time since I have been impressed by the simplicity of a rewards program the way I am with Walgreen’s.   There are some consumers who don’t like the structure of the rewards program and want to understand all of the terms and conditions, but I really love a program that’s simple.

Walgreens Rewards Program

How does it work?  By swiping my card I get discounted prices on certain products.  When I hit different levels I am eligible for dollars off of my transaction.  This is not the typical 1 point per dollar spent structure so Walgreen’s posts the amount of points you receive for items throughout the store. Truthfully I have no idea how many points I have at any given time, but that is my favorite part of this rewards program – Walgreen’s is doing all of the work for me.   

Walgreen’s has made their customer rewards program successful with the trifecta of loyalty marketing simplicity.

1 - Easy enrollment

You can enroll in the store or online.  After enrollment you can use the mobile app as well as the website to register your account.

2 - Easy to participate in

You receive a physical rewards card, but you can use your phone number as well.  Points are awarded for specific items, for logging healthy activities and prescriptions. 

3 - Easy to redeem

When I reach the level for a reward it pops up on the screen during my transaction and allows me to use it then or save up for a larger reward later. 

As simple as the rewards program is, Walgreens is collecting a large amount of customer data because of the program.  The customer data they are collecting enables them to send more targeted marketing to their customers. 

Walgreen’s is working with Epsilon to run the Balance Rewards program.  Since they are a large company the can afford a comprehensive loyalty program partnership with a lot of strategy and integration.  Even if you are a smaller retailer, c-store or restaurant looking to increase customer loyalty you can use the same trifecta for rewards program success. 

Check out our Simpli tool which enables easy enrollment, participation and redemption for small to medium sized businesses.

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