How a Rewards Program Will Increase Your C-Store Sales 

Posted by Trennia Donohue on Wed, Jan 17, 2018 @ 12:17 PM



One big factor that drives the success of a c-store is their ability to bring customers into the store.  There are a variety of different marketing strategies to get customers to come into the store, and having a robus rewards program is one of the most successful.  More in-store visits lead to an overall increase in sales.  
C-stores have a captive audience when customers are filling up their cars with gas.  On average a customer is at the pump for 4 minutes and 26 seconds. During that time they are:
  • Watching the numbers on the pump
  • Looking at pump signage
  • Watching the pump TV
  • Looking at the store signs for offers
  • Sitting in the car – maybe looking at their phone  

Many c-stores tend to have the same specials at the pump:  beverages or hot dogs. Even with all the marketing opportunities at the pump, the reality is:

  • 69% of consumers simply fill their tank and leave – never going into the store
  • 31% go into the store and the average basket is $4.82

Just imagine if you could increase the number of customers coming in the store and making purchase.  The revenue impact is huge, and with added revenue comes larger profits.

Reward programs are an effective way to drive customers into the store. C-stores that have a loyalty program with active communications (emails, texts, and push notifications) see their in-store visits increase to 50 – 60% compared to the average 31%. If the average c-store has 277 customers per day per store, then an increase from 31% to 50% with the average basket of $4.82 delivers $92,918 per year for one location.  If you can increase the average basket with effective cross-sell, you gain even more revenue.  Sending targeted promotions to your members will increase in-store visits.  A rewards program enables you to send targeted one to one communications that you can then track back to specific customers.  Having that transactional data helps you make informed business decisions when it comes to products and offers that move the sales needle.  

Tecmark's Mobile Solution helps c-stores communicate targeted promotions, drive traffic in store and stay top of mind with their customers.  If you're not marketing to your current customers, you are missing your best opportunity for growth.

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