Stumped on what to send? 5 Email Marketing Ideas

Posted by Erika Stevens on Wed, Jun 05, 2013 @ 03:09 PM

Email marketing continues to be a popular way for businesses to communicate with their customers.  According to a survey by Constant Contact 57% of businesses are actively trying to grow their customer email lists.  If you don’t currently use email marketing to communicate to your customers now is the time to start collecting names.  But even after you collect the names you need to decide exactly what you are going to send in these emails.  One of the things we hear from our new clients is that they don’t know what to send emails about. 

Email Marketing

Here are 5 easy email marketing communications to send to your customers:

1 – Welcome Email – One of the easiest things to do is send your customers an email after they sign up to receive your emails.  This email doesn’t have to be anything fancy, simply thank your customers for their information and maybe tell them what kind of emails they should expect to receive.

2 – Birthday Email – A lot of people really love their birthday.  When you collect your customers information be sure to gather birthdays.  Offering a free gift, percentage off or a new experience can be effective because birthdays are a time people like to treat themselves.  If you have birthdays and you are not emailing, you are missing an opportunity to increase your sales. 

3 – Missed You Email – In order to send an email letting customers know you miss them you need to be tracking purchases or visits.  A loyalty program can be an effective way to track these behaviors.  If you are tracking purchases you should set up a time frame that makes sense with your type of business and send out an email letting the customer know you have missed them coming in. 

4 – Announcements/Newsletters/Specials and Sales – This one is pretty standard, if there is something going on with your business let your customers know.  The customers who have signed up to receive your email marketing communications are asking to hear from you.  When you open a new location or have a sale on a specific brand send out a quick email to let customers know. 

5 – Seasonal – Even if you don’t exactly have the change of the four seasons (I’m looking at you, perfect San Diego) you can use them to send a communication to customers.  Highlight something specific with that season that relates to your business – what kind of seasonal ingredients you will be using at your restaurant or a restocking of back to school supplies.      

With these easy ideas for email marketing communications you have 5 different kinds of emails to send throughout the year.  Many of these trigger emails (like the welcome and birthday) can be set up one time and then will automatically send when the trigger is met. 

A loyalty program can increase the open and click through rates from your emails as well as give you new opportunities to send emails.  The open rates are 40% higher and the click-through rates are 22% higher for emails sent to members of a loyalty program.  A loyalty program also gives you the ability to send email marketing when members reach a reward or if they have a reward they haven’t redeemed. 

These communications don’t necessarily need to be emails, you can use text message marketing, push notifications or even direct mail depending on how your business is marketing to its customers. 

If you are looking for an email, text and loyalty tool be sure to contact Tecmark to learn more about Simpli.    

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