How to Overcome Marketing Noise

Posted by Brent Harms on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 01:11 PM

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew where marketing was headed?  Will we see the end of traditional advertising?  Twenty years ago businesses marketed using traditional advertising like TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and mailers.  Now in addition to those options, the power of technology has opened up email, text, social, daily deals, location based, and many other alternatives to connect with customers.  The other key change has been the number of places to see advertising including smartphones, tablets and soon Google glasses! 

Marketing Noise

So what is next for loyalty marketing?  No one knows for sure, but some interesting trends are emerging.  Data is king and the ability to truly know what your customers prefer is a powerful marketing tool.  Having the right message, delivered the right way at the right time is the secret to successful marketing in the future.  With all these advances, loyalty marketing has gone way beyond the paper punch card.  Social and mobile are great new technologies that enable a business to market at a low cost.  There are  a lot of creative options to get the attention of your customers and drive more of their business to you, such as gaming, experience-based rewards, partnerships, just to name a few.   When looking at these loyalty marketing options, talk to your customers and get their input on what is important to them.  Keep in mind what your competitors are doing and figure out a way to provide a uniquely different experience for your customers.

How do you know what is most effective to get past the noise and deliver your message to your target customers?  The most challenging issue for businesses today is how to get the attention of your target market when there is so much “noise” to overcome and it’s increasingly complex to send out that message in a way that gets to your target customers.  Even with these issues to overcome, there are several areas where your business can be successful in retaining and increasing your customer base with minimal cost.  

  1. Collect Data - Get to know your customers by collecting their information when they visit your business.
  2. Talk to Them - Connect with your customers the way they prefer, email, text and social.
  3. Be Great! - Give them a reason to share what they like about your business by word of mouth and on social media.
  4. Reward - Find a way to reward them for their business with offers such as a rebate on purchases, a free item or an invitation to a special event.   
  5. Get Involved - Reach out with creative options to spread the word about your business with “free” press by doing good things and partnering with businesses in the community.

Good luck on your continued quest to grow your business!!

Brent Harms
Founder & CEO

Tags: Loyalty Marketing, Customer Experience