4 Ways Which Wich Won My Sandwich Loyalty

Posted by Erika Stevens on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

I spend a fair amount of time in the Twin Cities suburbs and one of my favorite challenges is finding someplace new to eat.  Last week I drove up to Blaine to work on my sailboat (I definitely added that in to sound cool) and needed to grab some dinner.  I checked out my dining options on Foursquare and found only one name I wasn’t familiar with, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches.  I checked it out and it turned out to be one of my favorite dining experiences this year.  In the saturated sandwich shop market, Which Wich stands out from the crowd.   

 Sandwich Loyalty

1. Customization

So many times at a restaurant asking for something to be customized is annoying.  Which Wich takes the experience of other sandwich shops asking for your toppings and lets you design the sandwich of your dreams on your sandwich bag.  I won’t list all of the toppings you can choose but they really haven’t forgotten any.  Even Cheez Whiz gets a spot.  You can even have lettuce instead of bread for your sandwich.  I like to pretend that takes away from the salty peperoni and cheese I pile on top.  While customization isn’t something every business can do, the more important message is that Which Wich knows how it is different from its competition and they are marketing that way.

2. Fun Rewards Program

The customer rewards program is called the Vibe Club.  Customers can sign up online or in-store while they wait.  What better way to pass the time than scanning the QR Code on the poster and signing up for the rewards program.  Which Wich promises to send you email marketing with news, promotional offers and something free just for enrolling.  Love the rewards program name; love the ease of use; love the free gift!

3. Great Customer Experience

The customer service for my visit couldn’t have been better.  Personally I thought it was really fun to choose my sandwich at my own pace and mark what I wanted on the bag.  Beyond that the whole website and social media community is really fun.  On their Facebook page they have sandwich suggestions, photos of new stores and special promotions.  Right now if you decorate a bag with red and blue markers they will fill those bags with treats and send them to the troops.  Like Brent mentioned in his blog, it’s great to connect with your customers by doing something good for others. 

4. Awesome Sandwich

The other 3 ways Which Wich won my loyalty would have been lost had they not given me an awesome sandwich.  Really the thing that drives a great dining experience is great food.  Whatever your business is it is important to know your product and be good at what you do.

Even though I had never heard of Which Wich they are not new or local.  The restaurant was founded in 2003 and there are currently 177 locations.  Check out the website to learn more.  

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