Daily Marketing Specials

Posted by Erika Stevens on Wed, Jul 10, 2013 @ 01:00 PM

And no I’m not talking about Groupon again (but if you are interested in reading our take on Groupon and customer loyalty check out the posts here and here).  There is much debate over the effectiveness of daily deals, but what about simple daily specials.  One of the best ways to drive customers to your business at a certain date or time is sending them a text or email with a special or pertinent information.  This kind of immediate marketing to your customers can be reactive or proactive.  Either way it gives your business the flexibility to cater to your immediate needs like increasing sales on a certain day.

Marketing Specials

  • Proactive - C-store can attract customers on a specific day with a special on energy drinks 
  • Proactive - Deli can send out its daily food specials to bring in customers for lunch
  • Proactive - Coffee shops can offer a discount if you come back later that day during a slow time 
  • Proactive – A video game shop can send out new game announcements on release day
  • Reactive - Ice cream shop can send out a promotion when it’s raining
  • Reactive – Restaurant is having a slow Sunday night, can send out a drink special
  • Reactive – A boutique that has an overstock of inventory can send out a special sale

How do you make immediate marketing a part of your business' marketing plan?  It’s easy.  If you aren’t already collecting customer information to communicate with them that is the first step.  Start by tracking purchases and customer activity so that you can identify your slow days or times.  Identify the specials and promotions that you can send to your customers to drive them into your business.     

Social media enables you to do this kind of immediate marketing as well, but that is just yelling to whoever is out there at that exact moment.  Sending out email or text marketing to the customers that have opt-ed in to receive communications from you is targeted marketing.  It’s fast and easy if you are using a web based solution and the only risk is that you may get more business than you can handle.  The reward for the risk is increased revenues and customers that feel appreciated because you sent them a special offer.  

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