3 Tips for Emotionally Connecting with Customers

Posted by Erika Stevens on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 01:55 PM

A few weeks ago I came across a great quick Q&A with Google guru Avinash Kaushik where he was talking about marketing, not shouting to your customers particularly in the social media world.  The article was a great reminder that just sending out marketing messages is not enough to maintain a connection with your customers.  Today’s marketing is much more emotional and based on a two way relationship instead of just shouting at your customers.  Connect is a trendy word to use in marketing and many companies have it as a part of their mission but how many businesses and marketing tools are actually making that customer connection?

Customer Connection

Many are taking that first step of reaching out but they are not doing enough for the customers to emotionally connect to them.  According to the trends customers are looking for something more.  Loyalty programs are a perfect jumping off point for making a deeper connection with your customers but rarely do they go all the way to emotional connectivity.  My favorite quote from the article is when Avinash says “Today, when I think of loyalty programs, I tend to think of them as operating-room antiseptic things.  There’s no love, there’s no passion.” 

Connecting with your customers on an emotional level through all of your marketing is simpler than you think.  These basic tips are how to emotionally connect in any relationship, so if you do it with other humans, why not your customers?  

3 Tips to Emotionally Connect

1. Be authentic and honest

This is the solid basis for any relationship.  Show your customers your true and authentic self in all that you do including your marketing.  Do what you say you are going to do and admit when you make mistakes.

2. Show interest

Ask questions and listen to the answers.  Your customers like all humans, desire to be heard.  Ask what kinds of communications your customers like and provide that to them.  Listen and share their experiences.  Actively engage your customers and they will show their appreciation.

3. Have fun

Encourage a community of your loyal customers.  Add humor and lightheartedness to your marketing efforts.  Don’t be afraid to do something different with your marketing.  Treat your loyal customers as you would your family.  Find ways to make them happy.

With all of the technological advances, our society can feel overwhelmingly impersonal at times.  The growing use of social media has taken people more and more away from the relationships and people in front of them and put them behind a computer and phone screen, but the need to emotionally connect remains.   The way that customers want to connect with brands and businesses is constantly changing as well.  You will have to try different ways to connect with your customers to get it right because there is no simple remedy.  The balancing act between connecting on a deeper level and creeping out your customers can be a tricky line to walk as well.  If you stick to listening to what your customers say you can gauge how connected they want to be. 

What businesses do you interact with that do this well?    

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