3 Benefits of DIY Loyalty Programs

Posted by Erika Stevens on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 11:48 AM

Humans have been creating things out of necessity since the beginning of time but Martha Stewart took the idea of creating and made it into crafting.  There may be someone else that made crafting popular pre-Martha, but in my mind she is the face of DIY (do-it-yourself) culture.  The blogosphere and social media have blown up over the last 5 years with a whole slew of people dedicated to the idea of a DIY lifestyle.  You can find video tutorials, step by step pictures and even kits to order to make your own jewelry, fashion accessories, clothes, furniture and pretty much anything else you can think of.  In the past if I wanted to reupholster a chair I would have called a professional or at the very least taken a class, but in today’s DIY society I can find a multitude of instructions on the web. 


This is true in the loyalty marketing world as well.  Businesses looking to start a loyalty program used to hire loyalty marketing companies to help them create a loyalty strategy, choose a structure and manage their data.  Any changes to the rewards program took time and accessing the valuable customer data was not always easy.  While this still makes sense, and is the case for many big companies, it really prohibited small to medium-sized companies from using powerful loyalty programs.  Now there are a number of DIY loyalty solutions or as we like to call Simpli – the set it and forget it loyalty option. 

Finding a web-based loyalty marketing tool has never been easier and it is allowing companies of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to market to their loyal customers. 

This is good for three reasons –


Large scale loyalty programs can be very costly to implement.  Even if businesses are interested in the long-term returns of a loyalty program the upfront cost of development and strategic planning can turn them off.  The new DIY loyalty solutions are often available for little to no upfront costs and have a monthly pricing structure that fits with the financial plan of a small to medium-sized business.

Ease of Use 

It takes time to set up your loyalty program whether you do it through a web tool or with a marketing company.  The web based DIY loyalty programs enable you to login wherever and whenever works for you.  WIth just a few clicks you can decide your loyalty structure and be ready to start your rewards program.  Once you have your rewards program set up there is no need for you to do anything else if you don’t want to or you can log in at anytime to send marketing promotions and communications.      


Your business owns the information from your loyalty program and you have access to it whenever you want.  Want to send out a last minute text for a member’s only sale?  No problem.  Want to look up who your best customers are?  No problem.  Want to change what you are offering as a reward in your loyalty program?  No problem.  The DIY loyalty solutions enable you to use your customer information when you want and how you want. 

Many companies with these kinds of loyalty tools still offer their loyalty expertise through account managers and customer service teams to help you along your way.  With so many options there is no reason to not reward your customers and start to understand their buying habits.  

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