Why Tecmark is Loyal to Minnesota

Posted by Brent Harms on Wed, Aug 21, 2013 @ 06:30 AM

It seemed like the right time of the year to share some of the reasons we at Tecmark are proud to be “Minnesotans”.   Yes, we do need to live with the winters that at times can be brutally cold, but we look at it as part of the joy of four seasons of change and beauty.


So, what is special about this time of the year in Minnesota?

·         The Twins are playing at our beautiful new outdoor stadium.   I was just at two games this past week with the weather in the 70s and low 80s, sitting with a beautiful view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline.   Then next summer the world will get to experience this beauty with Minnesota hosting the 2014 All Star Game! MN Twins

·         Our company recently had a summer event at my family’s cabin on a beautiful lake close to the Twin Cities.   What a great day!   Over a million Minnesotan’s get to experience the joy of “summer at the cabin” every single year.


·         Then for all of you loyal NFL fans, we have our beloved Vikings.   Optimism prevails as we enter the new season.   We are also anxiously looking forward to seeing them play at the spectacular new one billion dollar stadium that is under construction! MN Vikings

·         This time of the year is filled with fairs, events, and shows throughout the state; as well as the ever expanding shopping at our best known attraction, Mall of America.  

·         This Thursday, the “Great Minnesota Get Together” begins, our State Fair.    Based on average daily attendance ranging from 120,000 – 230,000 per day for 12 days, it’s the biggest fair in the US.   Many of us, including myself, attend multiple days.    I can’t wait to taste those special treats only available at the fair.  In fact here is a link to all the new food items, just to help you get ready!  Don’t forget to enjoy the endless entertainment options available each and every day of the fair from many bands to log splitting demonstrations and much more.

 State Fair

·         Can’t make it during the summer months?   We even have big parties in the dead of winter.   Saint Paul’s Winter Carnival makes the cold and snow fun with lots of activities both inside and out.  It’s been featured on many national news events.


I’ll stop my bragging about Minnesota, but we know we have a very special place.   Just ask anyone who tries to recruit people who live in Minnesota to move elsewhere.  It’s not an easy task.   Come and visit our special state, especially this time of year, and don’t forget to stop by and visit Tecmark!


Brent Harms

Founder and CEO


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