Facebook Posts - Timing is Everything Part 2

Posted by Cathy Harms on Wed, Aug 28, 2013 @ 03:13 PM

Just last week, I blogged about the timing of emails.  Now I found more interesting stats at my favorite place, Marketing Charts, this time about Facebook posts.  These stats were taken from 3 different articles and sources.  Facebook is one of many ways to connect with customers, but how many customers actually see the posts?

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Overall Facebook Views

Although Facebook fan engagement has been increasing the % of engagement is still very low.  According to NapkinLabs study, just 6% of Facebook fans engage with brands Facebook pages by liking, sharing or commenting.  So the numbers are very low.

Another stat I read is that only 18% of the posts published by everyone are actually read. This seems very low, but it makes sense since very few of us are constantly on Facebook to see every post that comes!

All that being said – there are some interesting stats to help improve your engagement:

Timing is Everything

Buddy Media – Sept 2011

·         Facebook posts made by retail brands during the overnight hours of 8 pm to 7am drive 20% more user engagement in terms of like and comment rates according to a Sept 2011 report.

·         Wednesdays are the best day to post with an engagement rate that is 8% above average.  The second best day to post is Sunday with a 2% above average engagement.

·         Posting 1 – 4 times per week produces a user engagement rate 71% higher than that achieved by posting five or more times per week. 

What do consumers prefer?

In a different study – ROI Research and Performics – April 2011 –

  •  28% of online consumers say social network communication should be conducted once a month or less
  • 26% say once a week or less
  • 7% say daily
  • 3% say more than once a day

How long does a post have an impact?

Socialbakers – a couple different research results

A Facebook brand post will get 50% of its reach in the 30 minutes after it is published.  The rest is attained in the following 7 hours. 

Socialbakers data shows


Time from post on Facebook

% of Total Audience Reached

0 – 10 minutes


11 – 20 minutes


21 – 30 minutes


31 – 90 minutes

Less than 2%


Compare that to the typical email open rate of 23.6% within the first hour.  By that time Facebook would have already reached 60% of its total audience.  But keep in mind the target audience may not be looking.

So to maximize your effectiveness with your Facebook posts:

1.       Schedule them for very early in the morning on Wednesdays

2.       Post 1 – 4 times per week

3.       Connect to your loyalty marketing program so that you can really know who is looking, who is listening and most importantly who is buying! 

Simpli by Tecmark makes it easy for your business to connect with your customers.  Linking from Facebook to join the program, plus automatic emails sent at the right time makes marketing easy and effective.  Get the most out of your Facebook posts - get customers to connect to you, track purchases and responses to generate a real return to your bottom-line.

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