Text Marketing - Timing is not quite everything - Part 3 and Final

Posted by Cathy Harms on Wed, Sep 04, 2013 @ 05:33 AM

Over the last two weeks, I have been sharing interesting stats about the timing of marketing programs.  The first week was about email marketing timing.  The stats show that emails sent in the middle of the night are opened more often than those sent during the work day.  Also emails sent on Tuesdays and Wednesdays have a higher open rate.  Check out the blog for more details and a link to the study.

Last week I found stats about the timing of Facebook posts.  Once again posting between 8pm and 7am will get the most comments and likes.  Wednesday is also the best day for Facebook.  Very different than email, Facebook posts are often not seen by anyone just because of the sheer number.  Check out the prior blog to see more stats and link to the studies.

The final marketing program that drives results is text marketing.  Although you don’t have as much content as either email or Facebook, few words can go a long way.  The beauty about text marketing is the 98% open rate.  So you know that almost everyone is looking at it.   If your members let you know they prefer text, then your message is going to get to them.  With an open rate of 98%, the key to a successful text program is to make sure your message is compelling.

Timing for text messages - is it also in the middle of the night and on Wednesdays?

Text Timing

Guess what, my awesome source of all marketing data, Marketing Charts does not have a study on text timing.  Based on other statistics they have, I think we can guess at effective timing for an SMS text marketing message.

  •  Between 40 - 57% of people respond within the first 15 minutes of receiving a text message.  The low side of the response rate is retail and entertainment.  The high side is finance and banking. 
  •   Click rates are higher with retail (8%) and entertainment (14%) compared to the industry average of 4%.

Since people tend to act on texts quicker if the message is right and the timing is perfect – then the timing for the text message will vary by business and vary by target audience.  Here are a few examples based on a target audience and type of business:

College Student – Yogurt Shop

Sending a text with an offer first thing in the morning will simply annoy the student who is probably sleeping or rushing off to class.  Sending them an offer early afternoon will deliver results.

Soccer Mom – Car Wash

A text offer right after a rain storm, might deliver timely results if their car got muddy from hauling the kids.

Empty Nester or Pre-Nester (no kids) – Happy Hour Specials

Since they will want to coordinate with others to join them, sending out an offer that may be 1 – 2 days later would make more sense.

Clearly there are tons of factors that influence someone to respond to a text offer.  The key is to know your target market and what time would have the best impact on them.  The other factor is the value of the offer that you send.  The beauty of text marketing is that you can try different offers at different times to see which gets the best response.

Timing is everything – good luck as you try to connect with your customers the way they prefer – email, social or text.  Knowing customer's preference will also improve the response rate for any offer that you send.

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