4 Tips to Enroll More Customers in Your Loyalty Program

Posted by Erika Stevens on Wed, Oct 09, 2013 @ 11:52 AM

How many times has the employee at a store asked you to enroll in their rewards program while you are rushing to get home?  Signing up while others are in line behind you or getting stuck behind someone who is signing up can be frustrating and turn customers off from joining a rewards program.  Given my experience in the loyalty industry as well as my experience as a customer I put together some tips for faster and easier enrollment in your rewards program.  If you simplify the enrollment process you will increase the number of customers that participate in your rewards program.

Customer Enrollment   

1.       Only require and gather customer information that you plan on using.

If you do not plan on sending mail to your customers don’t collect their address.  Even if your customers are filling out a paper form writing all of that down can take a long time.  Just gather the necessary fields to communicate and reward your customers.  If you are using a program with the phone number as the member id that could mean first name, last name and phone number are all that you gather for them to participate.  From a business perspective getting the opt-in for email or text messaging is important to drive results.  Require what is needed to participate, gather what is needed to communicate.

2.       Make sure your employees are educated about your rewards program AND your enrollment process.    

In order to create a fast enrollment process your employees need to know exactly what is needed to participate in the rewards program.  They also need to be able to quickly explain the benefit of taking the time to join the program.  A great way to get your employees on board is to have a contest to see who can enroll the most new customers. 

3.       Enable customers to enroll in store themselves. 

If you have a physical store you can utilize kiosks to enroll your customers in your rewards program.  This could be a large customized kiosk like you see in Super America or a smaller tablet kiosk.  Tablet kiosks can sit on the counter at your point of sale or a different location in your store for customers to quickly enroll themselves.  

4.       Include a welcome promotion for customers that join. 

One easy way to entice more customers to join your program is offer them an incentive to do so.  Setting up a welcome promotion that will automatically be texted or emailed to your new members is easy and effective.  Having a welcome offer also gives your employees something to tell the customers when they are explaining the benefit of the rewards program.   

By making the enrollment in your rewards program fast, easy and valuable you can increase the amount of customers participating in the program.  You can apply these tips to your existing rewards program or keep them in mind when starting a new program.  Keep in mind no matter how great your enrollment process is you will never get 100% of your customers to participate.  Your goal should be to make it easy for the customers who do want to participate in the program.      

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