Back From NACS with More Thoughts on Loyalty

Posted by Erika Stevens on Thu, Oct 17, 2013 @ 04:44 PM

We just returned from 4 days of exhibiting at the NACS show in Atlanta this week.  The show was full of educational sessions and speakers talking about all the issues that those in the c-store space face.  On Monday I attended a session called “Dependable Loyalty” with Bill Hanifan and Paul Candon.  I actually sought this session out because I am a huge fan of Bill’s blog Loyalty Truth.  The session moderator asked a number of questions to Bill and Paul to discuss where they see loyalty going - specifically in the c-store industry.   Most of the session was a case study of Paul’s loyalty program for the Topaz c-stores in Ireland.     

The Topaz customer rewards program is a game where each month members decide what to do with their accumulated points, park or play.  Every month there is an opportunity to use the points to enter a drawing or you can continue to accumulate for a bigger prize. The prizes are cars, trips and other once in a lifetime experiences.  All of the customers that enter the giveaway receive a prize even if they don’t win.  This program has been incredibly successful for Topaz who has 200,000 members enrolled.  It’s simple to understand, easy to use and fun.   

Customer Rewards

Devising a way to do something different with your rewards program, to gain customer loyalty, can take time and money, but in the end it is a worthwhile endeavor.  Paul made sure to point out that loyalty is a journey, and not something that happens overnight.  With ever evolving technology, there are a number of options for businesses to do something different to connect with customers.  Not every company can give away expensive prizes for their rewards program like Topaz, but every company can add something to their rewards program to make it fun and engaging for customers. 

We look forward to sharing more insights from the show!

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