Black Friday and Loyalty - What's Working, What's Not?

Posted by Brent Harms on Thu, Dec 05, 2013 @ 12:57 PM

Black Friday Target

I was out bright and late (8 pm Thanksgiving) to grab those deals!   Kohl's was our first stop, with frantic shoppers grabbing things left and right.   I think I actually picked up stuff for no good reason other than I felt I should get it because it was such a good deal.   Then, I got to wait in line for 30 minutes to pay.   Next was to Target, not quite as bad, but by then many of the truly bargain deals were gone.   We also went to Macy's before we couldn't take it anymore and headed home.    For all of these stores, I am a loyalty program member by using their store credit card and receive various awards from using the cardTo the best of my knowledge, I wasn't treated any differently than a new customer to their store.

Though I like to get the great Black Friday deals, as a loyal customer, in this case I don't get that chance without a lot of work.   Yes I do get some emails and "early offers" as a loyalty program member to most of the retailers I frequent.  Are they actually rewarding their long term best customers with any incentives or deals for them during this very busy Black Friday weekend?    Generally the answer is no, just the same deal everyone else can get from the on-line offers to in-store door buster type deals, all advertised for everyone to see.  

What if you offered your top loyalty customers early store hours so that they can get access to the same offers, then restock for the normal start time?   You could even offer them extras while they shop such as free coffee and maybe double points on all purchases.   Nordstrom does this with their normal sale events by giving their top customers early access to their sale items.   Why not for Black Friday?  One of our top clients, a division of Este Lauder, offers their loyalty customers double points on all purchases during one of their busiest weekends in December.   These are some ideas to reward your best and most loyal customers even during the busy Black Friday shopping time.

Treating your loyalty customers in a special way is important no matter what time of year it is!

Best holiday wishes to you and your family!

Brent HarmsBrent Harms, Founder & CEO

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