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Posted by Rachel Vickrey on Tue, Jan 21, 2014 @ 05:09 PM

You’ve likely had a little time since the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to really take stock of what promotions worked and didn’t work for your business in 2013. Perhaps you even noticed yet another spike in success from online or mobile platforms you’re using to communicate with your customers. If that’s the case, you aren’t alone. It’s time to put that good information to use and make the very best of another big shopping day during the year: Valentine’s Day.

According to a survey conducted by BIGinsight for the National Retailers Association, the sales forecast for Cupid’s ’13 holiday was $18.6 billion (with a “b”). The survey showed an average of $130.97 spent on per person pampering.

To me, that’s quite an opportunity. And you don’t have to be a florist, jeweler, or chocolatier to capitalize on that opportunity.

Consumers buy treats for family, friends, coworkers, teachers, etc. Last year, one in five people spent a little Valentine’s Day green on their pets. The survey also indicates that men spend about twice as much as their female partners who shell out on average just under $90 bucks. And please, don’t forget about the singles of the world who would love a special deal just for them!

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It’s about being creative with your promotions and taking advantage of technology. After all, well over 40-percent of shoppers used their smartphones for their Valentine’s Day shopping last year. And even more people used their tablets to research and purchase their V-Day gifts.

Do you think that number has gone down since then?


How beneficial would it be to communicate with a customer as they hold their smartphone or tablet? Email and text messaging are valuable tools for retailers and restaurant owners alike. If you start early enough, you can remind your customers of an important event or holiday and bring them into your store.

Entice your prospects. Simpli can help by offering an easy way to send promotional emails and texts to customers. You can set up your messages in advance so the program can run on autopilot. It’s a great way to reward and connect with your best customers.

And seriously, who wants to let their customer forget about Valentine’s Day and have “in the doghouse” status for the next three months?

We sure don’t.

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