13 Simple Ways to Grow Your Customer Contact List

Posted by Rachel Vickrey on Sun, Apr 27, 2014 @ 10:01 PM

When done right, an up-to-date email list can do wonders for bringing customers back to your store. Whether you are a restaurant, retail, convenience, or a service oriented store, every email subscriber counts! So, make sure your content is effective and actionable. Your email can out-perform more costly ways to communicate and advertise to your customers.

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So, how do you create and grow an effective customer email list? Here are a few ideas you might consider to help you capture those golden emails!

1 | $-off

Who doesn’t love to save a little green when they make a purchase? Offering money-off of a purchase is a great way to build your list.  

2 | No spam or list reselling

Take special effort to let your customers know that you will take good care of their information. No one wants their email address to be sold or swapped to any third party. There’s enough spam out there.

3 | Free giveaway

What’s better than money-off an item you planned to purchase anyway? A FREE item! Starbucks Rewards offers a free medium coffee to new program members as a special “thank you”. Some of my favorite restaurants offer the occasional free appetizer or dessert and I’ll admit – it’s definitely incentive for me to stop to take advantage of the deal.

4 | Offer a free resource

Whether it’s a free recipe, e-book, tip sheet, or other item, customers will often times exchange an email address for quality knowledge.

5 | Friend referral

This is a very simple but effective way to reach a potential new customer. Always include a share or “refer a friend” option in your emails, blog, social media posts, etc. It’s a great way to make an impression on a potential new customer – without a major investment. Also, for any emails your customer decides to forward to friends, it’s important to have a “subscribe” link at the bottom on the email.

6 | Keep enrollment simple

A customer’s name is important along with their email address but try to refrain from asking for too much information on the signup form. If the form takes more than a minute to fill out, you might want to consider making a few content cuts.

7 | Go green and ditch direct mail

Not only is email a more cost effective way to communicate with your customers, you’re cutting paper and waste as a result of your “green” effort!

8 | Social sharing

Use your social media sites to help promote and gather signups for your rewards program. It’s another excellent penny-saving way to reach a large audience. If you have a website for your business, make sure you include a link to the online program enrollment form. When your customers DO sign up, encourage them to share their new partnership on their social sites.

9 | Partner promo

If you have a partner website, try collecting email addresses from there.

10 | Why sign up?

Give your customers reason to join the program. Talk up all the great offers they will see (and actually want to use!) and the added benefits on getting the latest news or trends related to your company.

11 | POS invitation

As part of the purchase transaction, make sure your sales associate invites the customer to join your rewards program. It’s also important for your employees to be familiar with the program. Your employees will need to inform the customer on programs benefits such as “It’s free to sign up. Plus, you’ll also receive the occasional special offer/coupon for things like x, y, and z in the store.”

12 | Signage

Promote your rewards program using clear and eye-catching signage around your store or restaurant. Don’t make it too complicated. If you need help with this, there are plenty of freelance designers who have quite the talent in ad design.

13 | Event registration  

Promote an upcoming event or even a contest for a free giveaway. Customers can sign up using a short form or simply using their email address.

Now that you have a few ideas to help you gather or expand your customer contact list, let us know how things go! If you have other ideas on how to build a customer list, send your thoughts our way.

Good luck! 

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