New C-Store Loyalty Results from NACs (plus subject line tips)!

Posted by Cathy Harms on Sun, Jun 08, 2014 @ 01:03 AM

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New Loyalty Results from NACs

Published on the NACS website on May 30, 2014 and based on data from February 2014, some interesting stats were shared by Spot On regarding the impact of loyalty and communications on consumer behavior.  Click on this link to see the whole article.

C-Stores that send loyalty members two communications per week see three times more customer visits than businesses that do not send any communications.  Merchants see an increase of sales anywhere from 15% to 50% as a result of these campaigns.

There is a tipping point on number of emails and this point is one that will vary.  In this report they found that businesses that send more than 13 emails per month actually see reduced customer visits.  So we recommend no more than one to two emails per week.  Watch your open rates to determine if your offers are valuable and to figure out the best number of emails to send per month. 

Open rates are critical to your promotion success.  In this report they found that emails sent to loyalty members had a 40% open rate versus a 19% open rate to non-loyalty members.  This is a clear indication that when someone joins a loyalty program and opt-in for emails, they are interested in what you have to offer.  So the real driver is having offers that appeal to your customer base.  Email marketing campaigns that include a redeemable offer see open rates of more than 20% higher than open rates for non-promotional emails like newsletters.  The key is to have a compelling subject line so that they want to click on the offer.

Here are a few tips from Hubspot regarding email subject lines (slightly modified to address c-store email subject lines):

1.  Action-oriented

Email subject lines must convey action and should start with an action verb such as shop, get deal or sign up. Subject lines should speak directly to the recipient in an active tone, which will result in getting them to notice the email. Having an action-oriented subject line makes the email standout from the other emails in their inbox.

Another tip is to use one keyword in the subject line that people will recognize. The name of your loyalty program will help members quickly know that they should open this to see the value.

2.  Compelling

You only have a couple seconds to grab the attention of people skimming through their inbox. Make sure you include the email’s offer in the subject line, so people know the value the email will provide them. Creating a sense of urgency is a good tactic to use in conjunction with the compelling offer.

3.  Spammy

You can’t afford to have your subject line get caught in spam or firewall filters. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing what words you put in the subject line. Words like free, act now, offer, or credit will almost always get flagged by spam filters.  You shouldn’t have words in all caps and don’t use punctuation in your subject line. 

4.  Consistent

The two things people will see before they even open your email is the subject line and the first sentence or two in the email. This is because most people use the preview function in their email client to determine if they want to spend the time reading the email.

You want to keep the first couple sentences very consistent with the email's subject line. They should reinforce and add to the compelling offer and should be action-oriented. I recommend including a link in the first or second sentence that sends them to the page you want them to take action on.

5.  Short

Email subject lines cannot be very long. I recommend you keep them under 45 characters or you run the risk of people not seeing the entire subject line. You also want to put the most important and compelling information in the beginning of every subject line.

Source: NACSonlineHubspot Blog 

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