5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is a Must-Have for Your Business

Posted by Krista Lessard on Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 10:14 AM

sms marketing, text marketing, text message marketing, marketing solutions, mobile loyalty, text message marketing software, sms text message marketing, mobile loyalty programSMS marketing, or text message marketing, is becoming increasingly popular for all types of businesses. Many companies are starting to introduce a mobile loyalty program to their customers as a successful marketing solution. By incorporating text message marketing software into your marketing strategy, your business can send out short text messages to your customers that choose to opt-in to the service. These SMS messages can be special offers, company updates, or anything you would like to communicate with them. These messages can also be sent as frequently - or infrequently - as you desire.

So, why is text marketing so important for any business? Here are five good reasons:

1. Your text will be read almost immediately.

91 percent of adults have their smartphone within arm's reach. Because of this, 90 percent of text messages get read within 3 minutes of delivery. Although it requires an opt-in, there is no spam filter so these texts immediately go to the user's phone. The texts are so short that they are quick and simple to read, making them less likely to be deleted before being opened. The simplicity actually saves you, as a business owner, more time since there is less planning and execution time involved.

2. Text marketing builds brand loyalty.

Since it requires an opt-in, text messages are only sent to customers that are willing to receive them. The opt-out rates for text message marketing are very low as well. With text message marketing, your customer won't forget a coupon at home because it will be on their phone that they always carry with them.

3. Millennials prefer to receive texts as opposed to email.

The Millennials generation consists of adults between the age of 20 and 34. They happen to be at least part of most companys' target market due to the fact that they tend to be the most loyal customers and are entering the high-purchase life stage. Consumers in this age range have stated that they would much rather receive a text from a company than an email. Learn more about Millenials and brand loyalty here.

4. SMS marketing is actually pretty easy.

For something so beneficial, it's actually quite simple to implement. This is especially true if you use a loyalty program, such as Simpli. With this program, your customers opt-in to receive your text messages and all you have to do is think of 160 (or less) characters that contain an offer on a regular basis to keep them coming back. You can also choose how they redeem the offer. The texts can contain a coupon code for online or in-store purchases or they can simply show the text in-store to receive the deal. If they are a loyalty rewards member, they don't even need their phone - they can just give you information - such as their phone number - and you can access their offers and redeem them on the spot.

5. Text message marketing is affordable.

A mobile loyalty program is much more cost efficient than purchasing a pricey newspaper or magazine advertisement. With Simpli, you can integrate email and text marketing into your marketing strategy for a low monthly price. This marketing solution allows unlimited emails and texts. It also handles all of the sign-up for you. After your promotions end, you can use the program to track all of your analytics and see what is working - or not working - specifically for your business.

Thinking about implementing text marketing into your marketing strategy? Learn more about how loyalty marketing can help your business succeed by downloading our Ten Tips for Customer Rewards Program Success.

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All stats courtesy of Forbes

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