Boost Category Sales with Loyalty

Posted by Hadley Nichols on Tue, May 14, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

In the NACS Daily email published April 8, 2019 Brett Dworski highlighted “Five Essentials for C-Store Promotions.”  One of those highlights focused on struggling categories in c-stores: cigarettes, packaged beverages, and snacks & candy.

The suggestion presented was to offer promotions in these categories to help boost sales.  We’d recommend also tying these promotions to a loyalty program in order to drive category sales and build a strong, repetitive customer base.

Scan Data Loyalty

Tobacco manufacturers are already offering base scan data incentive programs for retailers.  Layer on a unique ID through a loyalty program and they’ll reimburse you even more.  In addition to being able to offer your customers this deeper discounting, you’ll have a channel available to communicate directly with your members, drawing them into your store more frequently and exposing them to all the other merchandise beyond tobacco that you sell in your store.


This same NACS Daily email touched on dayparts – pairing items together in promotional groupings that make sense for the time of day customers are coming into your store.  Pairing items that make sense to consume together is key (Dworski, 2019), but we’d suggest also pairing items from those struggling categories referenced.  For instance, pair a pizza with a 12-pack of soda or Twinkies with a cup of coffee.  Offering additional discounts to loyalty members purchasing these promotional items will incent customers to join your program and can have an even greater impact on your market outreach.


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