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Posted by Mike Anderson on Wed, Oct 03, 2018 @ 09:30 AM

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Mobile Apps Provide Great Data

Use data to your advantage. Analyzing your data allows you to spot trends in customer behavior and develop specific targeted offers that are relevant to their purchasing behavior. Don’t fall behind the competition when it investing in new technology. A mobile app is something that customers want. Data shows that customers want to download and use mobile apps from businesses that they frequent. Don’t ignore the data that is right in front of you.

Apps help you keep a pulse on your customers through advanced analytics. You can track in-app activity to see the type of content that’s engaging the most users. You can view demographic information to help refine your sales and marketing efforts. See how our Tecmark loyalty rewards app with features like push notifications, offers and clubs will grow your customer base and help your loyalty program succeed.

Check out our New Mobile App

Focus on Customer Service

A mobile app is a great way for customers to stay in touch with your brand 24/7, whether that’s for general business information or to ask you a question about your business. In addition, great customer service can come as a surprise. Mobile apps give you the ability to offer in-app only special offers and discounts which help deepen the relationship you have with your customers.

Customer service is an important factor when choosing a brand. After signing up, customer service weighs most heavily on customer satisfaction this increases the likelihood that they will recommend your brand to someone else. Companies can create a positive customer service experience by making the process of contacting customer service simple and easy to. Apps with quick contact buttons and live chat options reduce customer effort, which will reflect positively on your brand.


Mobile Apps help Retain Customers

If you create a mobile app, you may wonder how beneficial user retention really is to your bottom line. After all, deleting an app is easier than installing one — it requires little to no effort to part ways. App users are more likely to drive repeat business if the right features and incentives are in place. With a mobile app you give your customers an outlet to share their experiences via social media, across platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. A mobile app will increase in-store traffic and grow revenue for your c-store.

Mobile apps are a great environment to house your loyalty program due to their interactive nature. Today’s consumers prefer brands that are willing to reward long-term loyalty. This will improve your app’s success, by encouraging more customers to download it becoming active users of the app’s features. This will increase the number of app downloads.

Your app needs to make it easy for users to track progress, contain relevant offers, and be unique and different from what currently exists in the marketplace.

Customers need to be able to easily track their progress toward a reward to stay committed. When there isn’t an easy way to see this progress, customers will become disengaged with your brand and abandon their efforts to obtain a reward reducing the effectiveness of your app.

A Tecmark loyalty program will have a powerful impact on your company's ability to develop loyal customers. Loyal customers are more valuable and allow you to actively promote your brand via social media and word-of-mouth. Tecmark's Rewards Program mobile app is a great environment for your loyalty program due to the interactive nature of today's tech savvy customer. Your brand needs to be willing to reward long term loyalty. 

Check out our New Mobile App




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