Convenience Store Loyalty: Why You Need A Refillable Mug Program

Posted by Krista Lessard on Tue, May 05, 2015 @ 03:37 PM

mugNACS released an interesting article in their May 2015 magazine where they talked about refillable mug programs and their effect on convenience stores. According to Jacqui Cintron, VP of marketing for WhirleyDrinkWorks!, a refillable mug program can be a very easy way to build customer loyalty.

"When well executed, a refill program can help retailers achieve their fountain and coffee category objectives." Cintron states that, "Through strong brand graphics and generous price incentives, a strategic refillable mug program can increase trip frequency, loyalty and basket size while tapping new demographics." This leaves rom for big opportunities and drives the ability to bring in in-store traffic, which makes a huge impact on the bottom line.

Here are a few stats from the article:

  • 51% of respondents said beverages are the main purchasing driver when visiting a c-store.
  • Convenience stores are the most popular destination for the frequent dispensed beverage consumer, who purchase on average 3 coffees per week or 4.5 fountain drinks per week.
  • Beverage loyalty program participants visit c-stores 5-7% more with spends that are 70 cents higher per trip than non-loyalty shoppers.
  • 40% of c-store shoppers participate in a beverage loyalty program. Among those, females represent 24%.
  • 30% of beverage refill mug users participate in a beverage loyalty program.
  • 50% of refill mug users are more likely to purchase food, snacks or merchandise when refilling their mug.

Not only do travel mug purchases appeal to nearly every demographic, including Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers, but the mugs also bring great opportunity to c-stores everywhere.

How do you maximize sales opportunities with your refillable mug program?

  • Have an attractive design that engages customers and drives sales.
  • Stock the mugs strategically throughout the store, making them highlty visible to customers.
  • Use in-store signage to emphasize the program incentives and discounts.
  • Promote the program via email and text marketing to really get the word out anytime, whether they are in your store or not.

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