Convenience Stores: 3 Tips to Optimize Growth in Foodservice Sales

Posted by Laura Miller on Tue, Sep 01, 2015 @ 08:31 AM

saladDue to current health trends and the growing use of energy efficient vehicles, tobacco and fuel sales are not bringing c-stores the same profits that they used to. Thankfully, these same health crazes and the consumer need for quick food on the go are bringing high hopes for the growth of foodservice sales in convenience stores. According to a recent article by CSP, there is an expected 17% growth of foodservice sales for the coming year, following an average reported growth of 15.4% of foodservice sales last year.

In the same article, it is shown that the majority of c-stores are showing a moderate to high level of commitment to an expansive foodservice program, and that the greater their commitment, the greater their expected return on foodservice sales.

Here are 3 key strategies to take advantage of rising foodservice trends:

1. Offer Multiple Portion Sizes:
Offering the same items in staggered portions adds value to your product, and gives you the ability to satisfy more customers. Smaller portions satisfy those with smaller appetites or smaller wallets. A larger portion, with a better price per ounce, will satisfy those with larger appetites or those looking for bigger bang for their buck. More options mean more customers.

2. Offer Gluten Free Options:
Due to health trends and food allergies, gluten free products have been continually on the rise in popularity. If your foodservice program is limited to only prepackaged foods, then bringing in gluten free options is a great option for offering some new products to your customers. If you have a café or bakery, gluten free options will be a bit trickier, involving proper training and possibly sourcing some items premade and frozen, but you will be a few steps ahead of your competitors and the payoff will be worth it.

3. Keep it Clean:
Customers are reading labels, wanting to know what’s in their food, how it was processed, and where it came from. The more options you have that include fresher, fewer, and less processed ingredients, the better. Transparency is also highly respected, so include products that clearly display the quality of what’s being consumed.

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