3 Tips for Creating the Ideal C-Store Loyalty Program

Posted by Krista Lessard on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 08:07 AM

cstore-full-bkgAccording to NACS, 89% of C-Store shoppers participate in a loyalty program. However, only 35% of C-Stores offer a rewards program for their customers. This is a huge missed opportunity for C-Stores. If your target customer is going to be loyal to someone, wouldn't you want it to be you? When it comes to loyalty, it is vital to have a program your customers will love to ensure they will enroll and stay in the program. This is how you beat out your competitors for their business. While attending NACS a few weeks ago, we caught an educational presentation from Christopher Quam of General Mills. According to that presentation, there are three important aspects to creating the ideal C-Store loyalty program for your customers.

1. Incent Trial - Tempt customers to join through a fast, simple process that provides an immediate reward.

  • Hassle-Free Signup - When it comes to enrollment, simplicity and accuracy are most important. If it takes any effort or cost, customers will have a reason to say no. Stick to the bare minimum.
  • Incentives to Join - An initial hesitance to join a loyalty program can be trumped with a great incentive. The incentive should be immediate and rewarding.
  • Simple System - The program needs to be simple and easy to understand. A cashier should be able to explain the rewards system in one sentence.

2. Make it Worthwhile - Reward your customers for what they are already buying and provide regular rewards to show that it really works.

  • My Stuff, Just Better - A successful program allows customers to keep buying what they are already buying, and earn rewards based on those purchases.
  • Rewards Within Reach - Rewards should be regularly awarded without much effort of the customer. 
  • Timely Reminders - Reminding customers to use the loyalty program and redeem their rewards allows your C-Store to be on their mind constantly. 57% of shoppers 18-34 and 61% of shoppers 35+ prefer to be notified by email.

3. Reason to Smile - Recognition, bonuses, and surprises will excite your customers and cause them to come into the store even more.

  • Level-Ups - Customers love to feel special. Use exclusive rewards to give special bonuses and recognition to your members.
  • Customized For Me - Tailor offers and communications based on each customer's habits. They want to feel special as individuals instead of being just another member.
  • Surprise! - Unexpected rewards build brand loyalty.

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