Loyalty Rewards 101: Building Customer Relationships

Posted by Mike Anderson on Tue, Jul 25, 2017 @ 11:49 AM

Our blog series: Loyalty Rewards 101 is all about exploring the latest research on loyalty rewards programs, and helping you understand exactly how a Tecmark all digital rewards program can benefit your C-stores! This week our theme is building relationships with your customers. 

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The 2017 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census Report stated that "The top motivator for a participation in a loyalty program is I love the brand, company, retailer or service - which is purely emotional. Other motivators are ease of program understanding. discounts and time to reward."  In the same study, statements such as the program makes me feel like a valued member and the program goes beyond my expectations, also ranked highly. These results show that, for customers, loyalty rewards has a lot to do with the relationship the company builds with them. 

 Tips for Building Strong Customer Relationships:

  • "Customers view loyalty as a two-way relationship. It is as much about brands giving valuerespect and appreciation to customers as it is about giving them rewards points." (Digitalheart).
  • Make transactions smooth, and hassle-free for customers
  • Create clubs to reward customers for items they already purchase
  • Add some excitement to your promotions by offering members birthday gifts or surprise rewards!

Start building better customer relationships today by taking the first step towards creating your own loyalty rewards program!

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