Easy: The Building Block of a Successful Loyalty Program

Posted by Mariah McDonald on Wed, Apr 04, 2018 @ 08:12 AM



When creating a loyalty program, it's important to focus on one word in particular: easy. A Tecmark loyalty program is based on that word - we incorporate it into the entire process of our loyalty programs: all the way from our first on-boarding call to launching your program (and beyond)!

We believe that creating a loyalty program shouldn't feel like a chore, and it certainly shouldn't be a difficult process. In fact, it should be the opposite. That's why we prioritize an easy and timely on-boarding process for our clients. All it takes is some teamwork and an average of just 4 hours of your time to set up a loyalty program! In the grand scheme of things, 4 hours to put together a program that will drive in-store sales, encourage repeat business, connect you to your customers, and achieve success is time well spent.

Not only do we emphasize easy in our on-boarding process, but we also live by the idea that loyalty and rewards programs should be A) easy to manage and B) easy to understand.

Our account managers strive to make your program easy to manage by:

  • Providing monthly status calls to review loyalty data and trends
  • Providing recommendations and industry best-practices
  • Providing annual reviews to better understand your data and audience
  • Helping you create and achieve your loyalty goals  

In order for a loyalty program to be truly successful, however, it must be easy for your members to understand. If a customer doesn't understand how to enroll into or use your loyalty program, they are less likely to become a member. If a member doesn't understand the benefits of your loyalty program, they are less likely to actively shop at your store(s) and use their loyalty membership to the fullest.

To ensure that your program is easy for your members, we offer various features:

  • All-digital enrollment (enroll quickly through text, online, or mobile app!)
  • Phone number as loyalty ID
  • Clear program benefits 
  • App and receipt messaging of member rewards status
  • And much more!

When it comes to loyalty and rewards programs, "easy" isn't a bad thing. It's a building block of success.


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