How to Attract the 4 Types of C-Store Shoppers

Posted by Laura Miller on Fri, Oct 30, 2015 @ 10:14 AM

General Mills recently compiled an infographic, posted by NACS, based on shopping habits, preferences, and demographics, that breaks down the four different categories of convenient store shoppers.

  • Breakfast Barons - 22% of C-store customers
  • Vice Squaders - 18% of C-store customers
  • Pit Stoppers - 38% of C-store customers
  • Meals & More - 22% of C-store customers

Breakfast Barons
 come during weekday mornings to grab breakfast on the way to work. They look for breakfast foods like breakfast sandwiches, pastries, donuts, and coffee to give them a good start to their day. They're usually employed by middle income jobs, and they commonly visit urban business districts on the way to work. Attract them to your convenience store by offering a large variety of high quality options. 



Vice Squaders
look to satisfy their daily cravings. They are usually there for cigarettes, alcohol, lottery tickets, and are very satisfied by the good customer service they're acustomed to receiving at the locations they frequent. They are usually older with lower incomes and they are more likely to visit rural and residential locations late at night. Give them a well rounded selection of their favorite products, and use deals on cold soda to cross merchandise.



Pit Stoppers
stop inside C-stores to use the restroom or ATM and they'll often grab a fountain drink or another kind of cold beverage on their way out. They are focused on speed and will usually visit during weekends or afternoons. They usually stop in residential areas while they are on the go. Grab their attention starting at the pump and along their quick trek from the restroom to the checkout with deals on beverages, snacks, and video rentals. 



Meals & More 
are your lunch and dinner shoppers. They look for quick and easy meal alternatives but they'll also indulge in snacks and candy bars. They are usually younger and they're likely to visit locations that are closest to where they live. Bring them in your store with a variety of hot meal options and nutritious, subsantial snacks. Basic personal and household items are also helpful for this demographic for when they are in a pinch.


Make sure these 4 types of shoppers are coming to your store instead of your competition. Learn how by downloading the guide below.


cstore competition guide

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