How to Take Advantage of Loyalty Promotions

Posted by Mariah McDonald on Wed, May 30, 2018 @ 09:30 AM



At Tecmark, we emphasize the importance of offering consistent promotions to your loyalty members. While fuel rollbacks and club offerings are great incentives for customers, additional promotional discounts are the perfect cherry on top. 

We understand, however, that coming up with new promotions every week or month can pose a challenge. Do you feel uninspired by the promotions you are running? Do you feel like you are just repeating the same promotions over and over again? Are your members losing interest in your promotions altogether? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, don't worry, it happens. Promotions are a great opportunity to get creative and show your members that you appreciate their loyalty by giving them something a little extra. 

So how do you go from uninspired to creative? First, it's helpful to take a look and understand the types of promotions your competitors are running. Are there certain deals they run that are well-received or that draw your customers in? 

For example, let's say your competitor runs a popular frozen pizza discount of $1.00 off all frozen pizzas. Sure, it would be simple enough to run the same exact promotion at your store, however, the goal is to go above and beyond and offer your members something that they can't get from your competitor. In this scenario, consider offering a "Buy a frozen pizza, get another for just $2" or "Buy a frozen pizza, get a liter of pop for free!" It's important to a) go above and beyond your competitor and b) create a discount that will garner additional spend.

The second way to implement more creative promotions is to simply do a quick internet search to determine any upcoming promotion-worthy holidays or events. With a Tecmark rewards program, your Account Manager will provide you with an annual promotional calendar as well as promotional recommendations each month. When it comes to rewards programs and promotions, we've seen what works and what doesn't, and we know how to help you determine promotions that are successful among your members and that drive in-store sales.

So, whenever you feel like you are in a bit of a promotional slump, just remember these few tips:

  1. Offer something to your members each month (no matter how small it may seem)
    • Rewards programs that aren't promotionally active do not have as high member spend and member transactions than programs that run at least 1 promotion a month
  2. Keep in mind what your competitors are doing
    • It is important to remain authentic to your brand, however, if you notice a promotion that does exceptionally well: think about what you can do to capitalize off of that
  3. Have some fun!
    • Your members will appreciate a fun promotion here and there. We know how important it is to run promotions for major holidays, but don't forget to take advantage of foodie days such as National Donut Day or National Hot Dog Day! 


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