Loyalty Rewards 101: Four Main Types of Loyalty Programs

Posted by Mike Anderson on Tue, Aug 08, 2017 @ 09:51 AM

Our blog series Loyalty Rewards 101, is all about exploring the latest research on loyalty rewards programs, and helping you understand exactly how a Tecmark Loyalty Rewards Program can benefit your C-stores! This week we are breaking down the four main types of loyalty programs.


Understanding the different types of loyalty programs available to you can help you decide what is best for your C-Store.

Here is a break down of each one:

Discount Program

  • Fuel Rollbacks
  • Usually applies instant benefits to customers during check out
  • Customers feel instant gratification
  • Easy program for customers and business

Rebate/Cashback Program

  • Allows customers to earn a discount in a specific dollar amount from prior purchases
  • Often a percentage of the total spend within a period of time
  • Usually a gift certificate in order to drive customers in store
  • Customers feel like they are accruing value

Frequency/Club or Punch Card Programs

  • Digital punch card program prevents fraud & is easily tracked 
  • Easy for customers to understand
  • Rewards customers for things they regularly buy

Points Program

  • Points are used as currency in order for customers to keep track of their rewards
  • Earn points based on amount spent with the company
  • Can have different point tiers to reward your best customers & increase additional spend 


A Tecmark Loyalty Program is designed to fit your needs! 


Why Tecmark?

All Digital Rewards Program

Instant Activation

SKU Based Text & Email Promotions

Real Time Reporting & Analytics

Flat Monthly Fee

No Equipment to Buy

Fully Customizable Program


Tecmark wants to help you get started on planning your perfect loyalty rewards program today! Contact us to request a demo, download our whitepapers, and check out all that we can offer your C-Store!


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