Making Loyalty FUN!

Posted by Meghan Murphy on Mon, Jun 26, 2017 @ 04:56 PM




Thanks for joining us again on our blog series all about Millennials. Tecmark wants to help your C-store create the perfect loyalty rewards program for your customers, while targeting an important consumer demographic, Millennials. 

Here are some main take aways from our past posts:




This week we are focused on how to make loyalty rewards programs FUN for Millennials!

  • Millennials want their rewards experience at your C-Store to be unique, fun and personalized. 
  • "Wording of the loyalty program e.g. its name, and the name of the loyalty points that customers can collect should also be fun, and strengthen the feeling that there is community around the company. Be creative, and come up with something fun that is also relevant to your business’ personality" (Boomtrain).
  • "When asked to define the word that best describes their participation in a customer rewards program, 'fun' was deemed to be most important for 34 percent of 18- to 34-year-old Millennials" (Vivanda).
  • Millennials love to try new things.Tecmark can help you create "Clubs" within your rewards program to get customers trying new products, and rewarding them for it!
  • Here is a peek into Millennials’ mindset on loyalty and buying:
    • Loyal: Reward me quickly and make it easy.
    • Make it Fun: Ever on the hunt for a game.
    • Know Me: I’ll let you in, but use my info to send me relevant information.
    • Researchers: Shopping is a highly orchestrated mission, and I rely on online reviews.
    • Money Managers: I’m anxious, but aspire to be responsible. (rDialogue)


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