Millennial's Eating Habits

Posted by Meghan Murphy on Mon, Jun 12, 2017 @ 11:08 AM



At Tecmark, we want to provide your C-Stores with the knowledge to target Millennials, a group of consumers that flock towards easy and fast shopping solutions. (Check out our past posts here!) This week we are exploring the eating habits of Millennials, the generation having a huge impact on the food industry, from restaurants to grocery stores and especially in C-Stores. 

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How do Millennial's eating habits compare to previous generations?

  • Millennials tend to be in favor of eating snack foods at meal times, they also favor snacking throughout the day.
  • "Many skip breakfast, preferring the mid-morning snack and, for lunch, opt for easy-access, high-quality fast-food solutions" (Elior Group).
  • They lean towards healthy and fresh choices.
  • Typically choose water or coffee instead of soda when it comes to beverages.
  • They incorporate food consumption—whether meals, snacks or bites—into a range of everyday activities, ranging from work and play to exercise and commuting, according to the research in PLMA’s latest report “How America’s Eating Habits Are Changing" (Gourmet News).

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How does this affect your C-Stores?

  • For food and beverage stops, convenience stores are almost twice as important to Millennials as fast-casual restaurants, says Harry Balzer, chief food industry analyst at NPD Group 
  • Millennials tend to eat at unscheduled times so, going into a C-Store while buying gas is the perfect time to buy a snack 
  • Convenience stores accounted for 11.1% of Millennial food and beverage stops in 2014, compared to 7.7% in 2006 (USA Today).
  • Millennials are more likely to stop and buy items — particularly food items — at convenience stores than any other age group, says Jeff Lenard, spokesman for the National Association of Convenience stores (USA Today).

How a Tecmark's loyalty program will drive Millennials to your store:

  • Design clubs based on specific products they purchase such as, healthy eating clubs, water clubs, coffee clubs.
  • Text offers to your customers about special deals on coffee, grab and go breakfast sandwiches, fresh lunch options
  • Specific targeted SKU/UPC based promotions
  • Tecmark can design a customer loyalty rewards program to target your customers by using Tecmark's all digital rewards program bringing more millennials into your store, and increase basket size.

In conclusion a Tecmark loyalty program will drive more traffic to your C-Store, increase overall revenues, millennial market share, and repeat business.

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For further resources about how Tecmark can help your C-store, check out our Whitepapers, and schedule a demo today! Stay tuned for more of our blog posts on targeting Millennials, and helping your C-store increase profits and customer loyalty! 


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