Social Media and Texting: Targeting Millennials and GenZ

Posted by Meghan Murphy & Mike Anderson on Thu, Jun 01, 2017 @ 09:25 AM



Millennials, and the generation behind them GenZ, are making big changes to how we market towards consumers and how we create rewards programs for them. We addressed aspects of what they want in loyalty programs on our last post. Now, it's time to explore HOW your company can use technology to drive this population of customers into your store, and stay loyal customers to you. "Millennials are the largest demographic visiting convenience stores today and they are an important target audience for retailers," Longo said. "From reshaping the definition of snacking to redefining the role of technology in the shopping experience, they are driving change in the c-store channel, as well as opening up new opportunities" (Convenience Store News).

These consumers are connected to a network of online resources and platforms. "Not only are millennials tech savvy, but technology touches nearly every aspect of their lives. With connection comes power. They have hundreds of "friends" with whom to share their experiences"(Convenience Store News). Incorporating an omni channel digital experience will allow you to have the power to drive these consumers from the the pump into your stores increasing basket size and overall spend. Millennials want a seamless digital experience at every touch point with your brand. A Tecmark All Digital Loyalty Program gives them that experience and ease of use that they expect.   

How Millennials and GenZ can be targeted:

  • “Most customers turn to the internet and social media networks for information on products and services. In fact, 81% of shoppers report that they research online before they make a purchase" according to
  • Customers like to see promotions and special offers on Social Media pages.
  • Humorous content responds well with Millennials and GenZ, it helps build connections with these customers
  • More than 50 percent of shoppers are willing to use their devices while shopping in the stores (Convenience Store News). Use this willingness to get them connect to your company, and adding items to thier purchase.
  • Texts are read within minutes, making it a great way to spark an immediate interest in sales and same-day promotions

Tecmark's loyalty program featuring "Text to Enroll" gets rid of paper forms and gets customers signed up for your loyalty program instantly! All they need is their mobile number, no cards, no id numbers, just the device they already have attached to them! With their cell phone number serving as their loyalty identification number, you can send out targeted promotions to specific customers allowing you to get the most out of your marketing budget. 

A well-planned and executed digital rewards program will create new customers, increase spend and grow revenue for your business. At Tecmark the power is in the data. A Tecmark Loyalty program is customizable using reporting and analytics to fit your needs allowing you to focus your marketing dollars on what is important to you. You have a dedicated Loyalty Account Manager who works with you to go through the reporting and analytics to develop promotions based on customer trends as well as 24/7 Tech support. Tecmark has a full test facility on site to test promotions and discounts before they go live.

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