Tecmark’s New Innovative Mobile Solution

Posted by Brent Harms on Tue, Oct 17, 2017 @ 07:55 AM

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Tecmark’s New Innovative Mobile Solution

Tecmark is launching a new innovative mobile solution in the market later this year. We will be previewing it at the 2017 NACS show in Chicago this week. Stop by to see how this solution can fundamentally change how you connect with and promote to your customers. Our booth number is 3059.

Tecmark has been carefully evaluating the market the last two years, learning from what is working and not working both in and outside of the convenience store market. Though there are benefits for being the first in this space with a new product, it is clear now that this patience was critical to getting it right for our clients.

So, what did we see?

  • To date, convenience store apps have seen relatively low adoption rates compared to other industries, such as quick service restaurants and retail. Specifically, this means that a limited number of customers download the app and even fewer actively use the app.
  • The focus of most apps has been on loyalty program information, store locations, gas prices, and static offers to members of the program. Most require multiple steps to enroll in the program to receive the benefits.
  • Our question - why would customers take the time to download and use the app with this process and level of benefits? Based on these features, do customers see the need to have an app for their convenience store? When we looked at other examples of industries and companies that see a large percentage of customers downloading and actively using their apps, we saw value to the customer that is well beyond what is standard in the convenience store market.

So, what did we decide to include in our app?

  1. First, we see this as an ongoing commitment to building and providing more and more value in the app for our clients and their customers. After initial launch, we plan annual upgrades to our app to address these expanding needs.
  2. Second, we wanted a much easier way for customers to enroll through the app. We accomplished that with auto filling of key customer information when they initially enroll.
  3. Third, we saw a need for a much more robust promotion and communication tool that includes push and location-based notifications that are specific to your individual customer needs. It uses individual member data points such as spend levels and status to determine offers, with all redemptions automatically tracked through the existing point-of-sale at time of purchase.
  4. There are many other features including detailed program and award information, location data, and a customized look for each client based on their branding and specific program features. In the future, our plan is to release many additional valuable functions based on our client and program member feedback.

This mobile solution is available with our all digital solution at an affordable price to our clients, from as small as a few locations to larger chains. Please stop by our booth, #3059 at NACS or contact us to learn more about this innovative mobile solution that is designed to meet all of your client needs.


Brent Harms

Founder & CEO

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